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March 2024 - Dragon's Talk Blog - Energy Manipulators


In thinking about writing this blog my thoughts have been almost constantly on energy and how we use it.  As I sat in front of my computer not knowing where to begin, the beastly large lorries that rumble past my home every couple of minutes kept distracting me and I felt indignant that the powers that be could not care enough to have them stopped.  My indignation got worse as I recalled why the lorries were rumbling past my house.  Further up the road a huge housing estate is being built.  The fields that I used to walk with my dog are now houses, the countryside is now further away.  Not that these houses are for the people who live here, they are for anyone with enough money to buy them.  My indignation grew until I knew that I couldn’t write my blog whilst in such a negative energy.  This had to change!

I spent a little time meditating to seek the truth.  I have been reading a book about how everything, absolutely everything is connected.  The book explains it far better than I can here but whilst meditating I tried to find my connection to the housing estate, the developers and the constant lorries.  What I felt at first was my connection to my own anger, the anger that I can’t do anything about stopping the lorries, stopping more nature being destroyed, stopping who buys the houses.  I felt angry that I was living in a system that did not take care for the feelings of others, did not take care of what matters to others.

Once I had connected with my anger I realised that if I am connected to everything, then I can do something.  I might not be able to stop the house building.  I can certainly stop my irritation at the lorries speeding along the road, my anger at the loss of nature and the fact that our feelings are not taken into consideration.  Once I dealt with my anger I felt better, my spirits rose, I could almost bless the lorries speeding past, most importantly I felt I could make a contribution.   

We are all connected to everything in the universe.  What happens to one person happens to us all.  What happens to nature happens to us all.  If we kill nature or each other, then we are killing ourselves.  So if I am irritated, how is that affecting all the rest of us.  If someone is hateful or full of fear, how does that impact the rest of us.  Could we change this energy?  I have tried it in small ways as I’m sure you have.  When someone is in a bad mood, or someone is tearful, we have often cheered them up, made them smile, helped them change their energy.  If we are connected to everything, surely changing the energy within ourselves might actually bring hope to those who have no hope, make those that feel lonely feel they are not alone, maybe even help others feel stronger.

We are energy manipulators.  Just as we can change the energy for ourselves we can change the energy for the whole planet.  Don’t forget the planet is a conscious being and we are connected to her through our body, our heart and our Soul.  What if we changed the energy within ourselves.  As you know what we feel within is played out externally.  I have said this before that if there are wars on the planet, look inside and see what wars are going on internally.  If we are being ignored or not taken seriously or not being listened to, then look inside, what are we ignoring, not listening to, not taking seriously.  When we find the connection inside, then we can change the energy and if we changed the energy, wouldn’t that have a different impact upon the planet.

What if we really loved ourselves, loved that part of us that is Divine, what energy would we be putting ‘out there’.  When I think about loving those lorries speeding past my house, what I hear is - ‘how about loving yourself first’.  When I love myself then I find it is so much easier to love the unlovable.

We can change things on this planet and, in fact, we have too.  It begins, as always, with how we feel inside.  We can turn anything to love and in turn that will have consequences for the planet.  We can have the planet we have always dreamed of, but it has to start from within.  Let’s be the best energy manipulators we can be, the planet needs us to be and our Soul knows we can be.

Much love, Patricia x

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Always a positive slant Patricia bless you!


Lovely one Patricia - spot on! ❤️❤️

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