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January 2024 - Dragon's Talk blog - One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time


First I would like to wish all who read this a very wonderful 2024.  Many people have felt that 2023 was a very hard and harsh year.  Many have struggled with health problems, either of themselves or with family and friends.  As well as witnessing how the rest of the planet struggled during 2023.  We look to 2024 to be different somehow, we look forward with more optimism to what 2024 could hold for us all.  Many have felt as if a heavy burden has been lifted, so a very definitely different energy to last year already.  If we look back at last year I think we should give ourselves a pat on the back for not only surviving it but overcoming so much, getting through so much.


At this time of looking back and looking forward it made me think about how it would be if we lived just one day at a time.  If we woke up every morning and considered the day a precious gift.  What if we considered the day to be the first day of our life, how would we spend that day?  What kind of energy would we feel if our day was the very first and so, so precious.


Another thought – What if our day was also the last day of our life.  What would be different in how we lived it?  I am sure it would make it even more precious.


I think it is a good one to think about.  If I look at my diary for tomorrow, how do I feel about what is written in my diary?  Do I welcome what is awaiting me or not?  Does it excite me?  If it doesn’t, would it excite me if I believed it was my first and last day on earth?  It’s not just about what I would do differently but what my feelings would be about it.


Let’s play with it.  What if I had a dentist’s appointment tomorrow.  Normally, my thoughts about it would be that it was something I would have to endure.  I’d perhaps think of what I’d like to do after the dentist has finished with me, go to a nice café known for its sumptuous cakes for example, or get home and read my favourite book.  I would be projecting myself forward in order to actually not think about the dentist at all.  But if I was experiencing the day as a precious gift, if I didn’t look back or project myself forward, if I thought about the day as the first day of my life then perhaps my experience of the dentist would feel different.   Maybe it might take on a magical feel to it, maybe be more of an adventure.  If this was the last day of my life then I would need to squeeze the most out of the experience, embrace the experience, hold on to the experience.  It would certainly change the energy of having a dental appointment.  I will try it, next week, when I really do have a dental appointment.


Let’s make 2024 the year we play with the energy of our life.  We experiment and see what energy works for us and what doesn’t.  How we can make 2024 a positive year for us despite whatever might be coming towards us.  Living our lives one day at a time could help.  I want to experience everything my day has to hold.  So whilst I am typing this I feel myself becoming more aware of the touch of the keypad, my fingers are having their own experience.  I am looking at the screen and seeing how beautiful the typed words look.  Yes I am definitely a little bit crazy or child-like, but the whole experience of typing right now is bringing me more joy somehow. 


Let’s make 2024 a year of play, experiments, experience.  Living to the fullest we can.  It’s not just about surviving, it is about living life to the full no matter what. Make each day count as if it is your first and your last day.


Love Patricia xx

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