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April 2024 - Dragon's Talk Blog - Beings of Love


I came across this article whilst tidying up my computer files.  I had written it a few years ago for a magazine, but thought how relevant it is today and would like to share it with you.

“I recently read in a book called ‘The Book of Love’ by Kathleen McGowan and in it she says that we incarnate on Earth to experience love, the giving of and the receiving of love.  This struck a cord within me because it made more sense to me than coming to the Earth plane to ‘learn’, except of course to learn to express the love that we are.  I also loved the idea of coming here for the purpose of loving rather than the idea of ‘coming here to experience’.  We spend lifetimes experiencing and judging those experiences as good or bad, but I believe each experience we have is to bring us closer to the truth that we are beings of love.

To come to this planet to love and experience being loved was something that made sense to me in my mind, body and Soul.  As Paul Ferrini says in his book ‘Love Without Conditions’ “And then you will know with absolute certainty that Love is who you are.  It has neither been born in you nor has it died in you.  It is inseparable from you.  It is your only identity”


Now to choose a place where love is not expressed very often, to choose a planet where there are so few signs of love, is the fun part.  There is not much around us that reminds us that we are beings whose very essence is love.  We don’t feel, in general, that we are loved very much and certainly with all the arguments and fights, the terror, the crime, the wars, my guess is that most people don’t feel very loved either.  But if the reason for our incarnation is indeed to express who we are as being of love, then we have certainly arrived on the right playing field with lots of opportunity to practice.


We can practice by practising compassion.  Compassion does not judge and does not regard the other as ‘victim’.  Compassion is love in action.  Compassion stands up for those who are weak and voiceless, but without the judgement.  Compassion feeds the hungry.  Compassion rights the wrongs done to others. 


We can practice compassion within our own home, within our neighbourhood, within our country and within our whole planet.  One of the most helpful books about compassion I have ever read was Andrew Harvey’s ‘The Hope - a guide to Sacred Activism’.  In this book he tells about his own journey but gives very helpful advice on being compassionate and compassionately active for the cause of others.  ‘As you do unto others............’


Lastly, please don’t forget to treat yourself compassionately too.  You are a Being of Love, so please, love yourself.  Feel for what is the truth in your own heart and act on that.  If it feels right to say ‘no’ to someone, then do so despite all your fears of the consequences, but say ‘no' from that place of love.  If it feels like a ‘yes’ then do whatever it is joyfully, knowing that what you do is the truth for you.


Many times we ignore what our heart is telling us because our head has the logical answers.  But in order to love ourselves and to practice love, we do need to listen to what our heart tells us and be courageous enough to follow our heart.  I call it that still, small, voice. 

Visualise a world where all human beings are living and acting from their hearts.  Where all human beings practice ‘Compassionate Intelligence’ a word used to describe the ancient Lemurian culture that spread throughout the ancient world, teaching love and peace and living WITH nature – according to Frank Joseph in his book ‘The Lost Civilisation of Lemuria’.


Lets bring this culture back, what have we to lose.”

Much love to you - Patricia

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Love this one!❤️❤️❤️

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