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I am offering online Transformational Healing sessions.  These sessions are offered either on Zoom or WhatsApp.  They last for approximately one hour and cost £30 for those on benefits and £40 for those earning.  


In times of crisis there is much grief, pain, fear and trauma around, so that people need support in getting through those most difficult times. As the method of Transformational Healing is so fast and powerful, a small group of facilitators wants to offer sessions now online for people from all walks of life to try it. 


We are offering this very special opportunity to anyone throughout the world who needs support, or who feels stuck and wants to move on.


Sessions will last approx one hour and will take place online using Whatsapp, Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Jitsi or other online video tools. Feel free to contact the facilitator you feel connected to, see contact details there

I am Patricia Angove and I live on the south coast of England.
I have been a facilitator of Transformational Healing since 1994. I have worked in many countries across the world and taught the process to many others. Transformational Healing changed my life and I love giving others the opportunity to change the things in their lives they no longer wish to hold on to.

Phone: +44 778 974 36 13



What is Transformational Healing?


Transformational healing is when beliefs, fears, feelings, attitudes and habits are changed to become more positive, more rewarding.


Transformational Healing works at a cellular level within the human body.  Cells hold all memories and the cells which hold the memories of previous negative experiences are ‘transformed’ by using a higher frequency energy upon the more lower frequency energy of the negative memory or block.  The negative memory is released and the cells can then hold more positive information, helping the body heal physically; become fitter and even younger.  Beliefs and attitudes change and life becomes more joyous and peaceful without the ‘drama’.


A Footsteps of the Soul™ facilitator takes their client through a ‘process’ of transformation.


The client is seated and fully clothed.  There is little or no verbalisation of their negative    experiences    in   order   to   aid releasing and not re-living.  The client does not need to know what they are releasing, they only need a willingness to heal.


The client is surrounded by an energy of oneness as the facilitator connects with the client’s soul and body.  The body shows the facilitator where the cells holding the negative beliefs or memories lie.  This is normally felt by the client as a block, numbness, pain or discomfort.  Emotions are sometimes released as the facilitator touches or talks to the body.  Memories sometimes surface of incidents that were blocked out or pushed down.


Once the release has happened, the facilitator will ascertain whether there is a deeper level to be released.


When the releasing has come to an end, the facilitator will surround the client with a ‘truth’ energy and assist the body in taking in their ultimate truth, i.e. that they are spirit having a human experience, and that they are a Divine Being.  The client’s cells absorb this and begin to hold a more positive energy which then helps the client to take on and maintain a more lighter, loving  and optimistic attitude towards themselves and others.


Transformational Healing is a fast, efficient way of changing beliefs and healing hearts, mind and bodies.  Nothing is ‘done to’ the client as the client is fully conscious and in control of their own process.  The facilitator holds the energy and facilitates the flow, so that the client can do the work which they need to do at that point in time.  The facilitator also assists in bringing up issues from the client’s unconscious and in keeping the client focused.


Repeated processes enables the client to not only reach a healthy mental state but possibly a healthy physical body and also to establish a deep conscious connection to their own divine self or soul.


Every facilitator has not only completed the Footsteps of the Soul training course but continues to train and is encouraged to continue with their own healing.  Each facilitator is trained to work with their clients in a supportive, loving and totally non-judgemental way.


Some facilitators will include Transformational Healing within other modalities, to enhance whatever the client is requiring.  You do not need any other experience to train as a facilitator, only a desire to do your own healing.


What previous students have said:


"The ‘Footsteps of the Soul’™ training enables me to ‘communicate’ with the body of my patients on a much deeper level when I do craniosacral therapy.  I also find my intuitive skills are better developed."


"It is a perfect tool to teach a person the concept of mind/body connection and a perfect opportunity to bring balance between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  The person will feel lighter as the release of negative mental and emotional patterns lead to the release of the psycho-physical patterns that act as chains to keep us in bondage.  Transformational healing is the key to unlock those chains so that we can move with freedom."   


"Transformational Healing helps you to discover your Soul Purpose by opening up communication with your Soul. The process will help you to shift blocks and belief systems which are currently hindering you living your life for your highest purpose.  This is a powerful healing process which helps you to do healing at very deep levels guided by your own soul."




My name is Alexandra Glander and I live in the southeast of Austria, near Vienna.
I had my first Transformational Healing Process in 2008 and immediately fell in love with it. I have used the process since then, at first exclusively for my own transformation. Meanwhile I integrate the deeper knowledge and wisdom in my daily business work as a coach for education and profession and in giving sessions as a psychological coach u.S. In 2014 I graduated as a fully qualified Trainer of Facilitators. 

Soultalk & Soulwalk


Soultalkund Soulwalkbieten dir Zeit und Raum, in welchem du Ängste, Sorgen und Gewohnheiten, die dich davon abhalten, dein Leben kraftvoll und selbstbewusst zu leben, bearbeiten und auflösen kannst. Während Soultalkdich in deinem Aufarbeitungsprozess innerhalb von vier Wänden begleitet, nutzt Soulwalkzusätzlich die Energie der Natur, im Speziellen des Waldes, um dein Vorankommen zu unterstützen. Soultalkund Soulwalkschenken dir die Kraft, die du benötigst, um dein Dasein wieder selbstsicherer und zuversichtlicher zu gestalten.

Soultalkdauert etwa eine Stunde, Soulwalkdauert ein bis zwei Stunden (abhängig von dir und dem Weg, den du durch den Wald wählst).

Ich bitte pro Termin um eine Spende von 50 € (gerne mehr), welche der Verein Sonnenkind, der sich um benachteiligte und sozial schwache/vernachlässigte Jugendliche kümmert, erhält. Mehr Informationen dazu findest du auf meiner Homepage.


Ing. Alexandra Glander

Lebens- und Sozialberaterin in Ausbildung und unter Supervision

Dr. Karl Renner-Gasse 23, 2493 Lichtenwörth

+43 699 111 97 469,,






My name is Ulrike Schill, I live on the Canary Island La Gomera.
For many years I worked as a healer using different complementary methods to support people to live their potential and to recognise their own uniqueness. After I got to know Transformational Healing, I found it the perfect tool to give people the space to transform their destructive issues. Since 2014 I use Transformational Healing for myself and others and since 2016 I am a fully qualified Trainer of Facilitators.







My name is Astrid Steinbrecher and I live in Vienna, Austria.

I am a freelance artist as well as a facilitator of Transformational Healing.

I did my first "Footsteps of the Soul"-training in 2013 and was deeply touched by its power. Transformational Healing has allowed me to heal deep traumas and to follow my soul again. In my studio ART & SOUL I support people both as an artist and as a facilitator by providing a safe and at the same time open space for expression and transformation.

Phone: +43 699 1941 80 77






My name is Hanka Vrublova and I’m living in England in the Lake District.

I was introduced to Transformational Healing in 2013 and since then it became my passion as I could feel the benefits and changes within me. The more I worked on myself I started to be able to assist others with their own journey, by creating a non-judgemental and compassionate space. I’m now fully qualified Trainer of Facilitators. I’m also massage therapist and energy practitioner. I’m passionate about nature and the gifts that it is offering to us.

Phone: +44 744 948 52 81



Hanka gives sessions in Czech, too.

For more information about Transformation Healing, please see below or (feel free to share this link with others).