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February 2024 - Dragon's Talk Blog - Trust and Truth

Updated: Feb 21



It does, at the moment, feel as if the world has gone completely mad.  With all the lies, cruelty, aggression and greed, it feels sometimes like we are in a very dystopian world where we really don’t know where we fit or what we should be doing.  I am reminded here of a very good film called ‘The Fifth Element’.  Do watch it if you have it available. 


The problem is we just don’t know what is true and what isn’t.  We are being told so many things from so many different perspectives that finding the truth seems, at times, impossible.


If you are connected to the world, if you haven’t shut yourself off  then even if you don’t feel the fear for yourself, you can feel it in the very air.  Many things are causing this fear, I won’t list them here but I will say that not knowing what the truth is, not trusting what we are being told, not trusting who is telling us, leads to insecurity and fear.  In other words - we don’t feel safe.  I feel that this is driving many people to some sort of insanity and that fear levels are getting almost out of control for some people.


What I want to point out right now are ways we can feel safer, ways we can trust again.  The truth is, although this one is hard for lots of people to believe - we are all spirit beings.  We have a Soul self that is connected to the high conscious energy that we can call ‘The Creator’ and that is the Truth.  So what if we took the trouble to connect to this part of ourselves?  If this spirit part of ourselves is connected to ‘All That Is’, wouldn’t it have a different perspective on the things happening on the planet and in our lives today?


I’ll give you an example:  It’s a small thing compared with what is and isn’t being said in the news, but the other day I was driving to an appointment, it was an important one because I was wanting to negotiate a good deal over hiring a venue and negotiate what the venue had to offer the people attending my workshop.  First, I got stuck in traffic and it wasn’t long before I realised that I was going to be late.  Not just five minutes late but at least fifteen minutes late.  Later, I sat in the car trying to keep to the speed limit, meanwhile feeling desperate, tense and stressed.  I suddenly felt the presence of my Soul self and somehow just ‘knew’ it would be fine.  My body relaxed and I began to enjoy the journey.  I was indeed fifteen minutes late and was full of apologies when I arrived at the office.  The lady I was meeting said “Don’t worry, I’ve been so busy this morning I never even realised you were late.”  So many times I have been persuaded by my Soul self to let go.  I do find it hard especially when I feel I need to be in control of the situation.  But letting go means that we can then let things unfold as they were meant to.


The one thing we really do need to trust is our Soul self.  We can ask our Soul self whether something we are told is the truth or not.  You might just get a feeling of peace, like I did when driving, you might get a feeling of - ‘it doesn’t really matter’, you might get a light bulb moment where the answer comes to you in a flash.  We have all the help we need to make our way through the labyrinth that is called life.  We don’t have to live our lives in fear, fear of not having enough money, fear that there will be a war, fear that others will take what is ours, fear for our children, fear for others.  We, through our Soul self are connected to the all conscious, all loving energy we call the Creator.  We really need to work on that connection, then we can begin to trust that we are loved, we are precious, that nothing can take away who we are in truth.


I know it is hard to remember who we are in the face of so much happening, but that’s the challenge, remembering despite what we are seeing and hearing.


We can make a difference on this planet, we are not without power, but it is not the power that the world looks up to today.  It is the power of keeping our hearts open, the power to love despite all the hate, the power to feel peace within us when all around us are aggressive, fearful, divisive and crazy.


As Alexandra always says: We are all living in this world, but each of us lives in his or her one world. And whatever the world outside is about, the Truth is, that your world matters. Your “Who you are and how you feel, how you do things, how you act inside your world and how this impacts the outside world” is the Truth - is, who you really are. You don’t have to try to get to the bottom of what someone says or to try to fit to that persons truth.  The only thing you have to do is to calm down and to ask yourself: “Is it my truth? Is it my way? Is it, why did I come to this wonderful planet? Am I here to live in fear, to live in lack, to live in pain?” If the answer is ‘No’ (and in my own experience the answer is always a loud and big ‘No’), than let it go and trust in your own Truth, trust in yourself. And if you hear something out there and you feel connected to it, then make this connection bigger, establish it. For example someone tells you about a group of people praying together. Listen to what he or she says, not with your mind, listen to it with your heart, and if this group of people are praying the way you feel it is right for yourself, then get in touch with them, join the group. If not, then however their prayers might help the world - leave it. If you’re invited to a workshop that says “I’ll make you rich in less than three months” listen to what your heart is saying and what is there in between those marketing words. Is it about getting yourself out of lack and learning what true abundance is or is it about telling you, that you’re not good enough, not having enough money, not being the best version of yourself? If it is the first answer and you feel connected, take your chance to learn, to grow, to get into your flow and out of lower frequency. If it is the last answer, then maybe you can feel your heart crying, you might feel it heavy (because your heart feels the frequency of what is in there) and you might find yourself talking with your mind, making a list of what might be better in future after attending such a workshop.


But what is your Truth? In what kind of frequency do you want to live? What is your Soul, your heart, whispering and feeling? Learn to trust yourself, you’re the one connected to the Source, you’re the one, knowing what is right for you which might not be right for others.  We’ve been conditioned over thousands of years in not trusting ourselves but trusting those outside of us.   It’s time to break these bonds, it’s time to trust what is within you, it’s time to find your Truth!


Truth, real truth can never be hidden.  That is what is so shocking for lots of people right now, the truth is coming out in all sorts of ways, it sometimes shocks us but does it shock our Soul Self?


Sending you love - Patricia & Alexandra


Alexandra translates my blogs.  She is also a facilitator and coach.  Her website is:

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1 Comment

Thankyou for creating the time and space to share soule truth Patricia. It is great and it is appreciated. Breathing in and out with the energy of Truth is my anchor at the moment. It is such a simple thing which any of us can do at any moment. This time feels also so much about a requirement to Trust, to step up and show our commitment to light and goodness and to what we truly are. Blessings and love to all 🙏😊

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