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March 2022 - What is More Crazy?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

My goodness, what craziness we are witnessing on this planet today. Family and friends not talking to each other over differences of opinion about the Covid situation and vaccination; Russia’s behaviour with Ukraine; the Yemen; Afghanistan, the list is endless. We are confronted on all sides with what seems to be complete craziness.

It can sometimes be very difficult to keep sane in these situations. For all these situations create an energy that sucks people into that very same craziness. Many of you have contacted me about feeling this crazy energy and that it is bringing up your own fear.

How can we keep sane at times like these? How can we keep our hearts open and not get pulled into the mayhem or deal with any fear the energies are bringing up for us. Some of us choose to stick our heads in the sand and hope that it will all go away by the time we take our heads out again. Some people vehemently refuse to look at the news, preferring to keep their energy unsullied - but is it the answer? Is this what we are here to do?

Sometimes we don’t even realise that we are in fear. We need to be more conscious now than we have ever been. We need to constantly question our thoughts, our reactions to others and to what is being said and our own actions. We might blame others for the wars in the world, but what wars are going on inside of us? For so many of us, the war is going on with our own self.

Ego or our mind tells us many things, but are those things correct, are they the truth? We might think that because we live in a physical, material world that our thoughts have to fit in with that world, but is there another world, another way of thinking?

A dear friend of mine gave me this book for my birthday: ‘Engoldenment’ by Andrew Harvey. It is a year of poems by Kabir one of India’s greatest mystics and poets. It is a constant source of inspiration.

Here is a poem that is so inspiring for these times: ‘Nearly everyone’s drowning in Maya’s sea of dark fire.

Can’t you hear the screams? Can’t you smell the smoke?

Kabir says: Beyond good and evil Beyond joy or misery, The Light you are Is as it always was

And always will be’

The Light you are. How crazy is it to believe that you are the Light in all this darkness? How crazy is it to believe that you might be Divine, Sacred? How crazy is it to believe that you might be here right now, at this precise time to maybe, make a difference?

What would happen if more and more of us started to believe in this ‘other’ craziness, the craziness of spirit? What would the world look like then?

If the whole human race believed that we were all connected, all one family and that each of us held the Light and that each of us was a Divine Temple of that Sacred Light, that we were all part of the Supreme Universal Consciousness - God, the Source, the Creator, Goddess, Supreme Being, what would the world look like then?

It would, of course, be much easier to keep our hearts open and to treat each other with compassion and understanding instead of always having to be right.

We would appreciate each other and the gifts that each beautiful human being has to offer.

I believe that each one of us is here to change things. I believe in that craziness that says we are all Divine Beings, here to make a difference. We don’t always know what difference we make. Sometimes we just have a chat in the supermarket to someone and we don’t see that maybe we’ve made a difference to their day, or even their life.

Let’s go crazy - crazily in love and light. Let’s encourage others to go this crazy way. Let’s start a worldwide movement to change the craziness of fear to the craziness of love. Let’s start with our neighbours, friends and family. If we’ve had a falling out over a difference of opinion, then it would be really crazy to apologies for our part in it, be really crazy to forgive and show love, especially if they don’t wish to respond in like manner. Totally crazy, but then what kind of craziness will bring us more joy, more love and more peace in the end?

Much crazy love - Patricia

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