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July 2021 - Staying in heart space

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

More than ever before we need to stay in heart space. That is living, speaking and acting through our heart centre. Being conscious of that space as much of our time as we can.

So much of what we witness leaves us cold and sometimes afraid. So much of what is happening on our planet today seems to come out of hate, separation, anger and fear. There are so many reminders on our planet right now of the lack of love, compassion and hope.

This is the dark times that we have been warned about for years now. This is the time, if you like - the dark night of the planetary soul.

Yet, this was what we incarnated into. This is the very reason we chose to live in a human body again. We chose to shine the light, or anchor it in, we chose to be the rock that others could rely on, we chose to be the love that would seem to be so lacking at this time.

It’s not always easy. We have had our own share of trauma, suffering, sadness and grief, and yet behind all our own suffering we can feel deep inside that this isn’t IT, there is more, that there is more to do, more to be.

Sometimes we get lost in our grief and pain. Sometimes our lives are so stressful that we forget who we truly are, forget the ways of reminding ourselves. I guess this is what I try to do in these monthly Dragon’s Talks. In reminding you I remind myself.

Even in these times when we feel so much that we are in the minority, when we feel that those around us don’t understand us. We must try to remember the power of love. In our heart space everyone is equal, there is no right or wrong - only love.

When someone annoys us or we think they are wrong, spending a little time just breathing into our heart space we find our annoyance or anger doesn’t mean anything, and being right all the time doesn’t mean anything either. Discussing the rights and wrongs is head space stuff aka Ego, whereas spending time in heart space learning to love, to forgive to understand where another is coming from is aka Divine Self space.

Hearts unite us all. I think this practice is a good one to try - if there is someone you are not getting on with, or you don’t like very much or you find yourself very judgemental about them, breath into your heart space and when you feel more relaxed, think of that person but try to do it from the space of your heart. I can guarantee that you will feel better about that person and yourself too because as we judge others, we are also judging ourself too.

I would love to live on a planet where we all live from heart space, making space for others, connecting to others, feeling the peace and love that we know is ours deep inside. Well the buck stops here. If I don’t make the effort how can I expect others to. If I don’t open my heart to myself and to others then how can I expect to live on a planet that is full of love.

People on the whole have forgotten that they are Divine, that they have an eternal Soul Self that lives within their heart, that their heart is big enough to take in everyone, the good, the bad and the ugly. That there is peace in their heart and a sense of belonging. Just think how it must feel if you think that what you see is all there is, then I am sure it would feel quite hopeless. We are the reminders. We are the ones who can show understanding, compassion and even direction.

I tell many people to breath into that place in the middle of their chest, to maybe have a little meditation where their focus is on that same place. It’s an easy instruction and I find so many people are happy to try it even people who are not consciously feeling that they are spiritual or on a spiritual path. We are ALL Divine, all connected.

Talk about connection - every Thursday at 6.30pm BST people take fifteen minutes out to meditate, to connect with others across the world and hold the planet and each other in love. The other Thursday I forgot. I was getting ready to go out and was so focussed on getting out on time that I completely forgot. Suddenly I felt such a feeling of peace descend upon me that my panic about getting out on time disappeared. I happened to look at the clock, it was 6.40pm BST. Thank you to all those who did connect, it really did help me. I won’t forget next time.

From my heart space - Patricia

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