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May 2024 - Dragon's Talk Blog - The Process


I found it very difficult to write the blog for this month. Mainly because there were so many things going around in my head that it was difficult to sort out one thought from another, the kind of head spin that can keep you awake for hours at night.

I then realised that when I am feeling my body, it is so much more calmer that my head. Here am I spending my life teaching people to be more in their bodies and I am doing a great head spin. I decided to practice what I teach, hence this blog.

I have promised to write about the TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING PROCESS I and others use in a way that can help all to use in their daily life. I will be writing it out in full once home again (I am still away although this time in the UK), if you want a copy of the full information, please email me or send me a message via the web site. Below is a shortened version but still includes all that is necessary and important.

This first one you can use if someone upsets you or makes you angry or you are upset and angry with yourself:

Close your eyes and bring your attention into the body, feel where you are holding the upset/ anger (you can even put your hand on the part of your body where you feel it). Give permission for your Soul self to feel this part of your body with you. (Your Soul self is of a higher frequency than your lower frequency negative feelings and if you don’t like to use the word Soul, there are various other names you can call that inner, wise part of yourself - Divine, the Light within, a Higher version of Yourself etc. Keep sharing how you feel, keep feeling it and don’t let your head get in the way and begin directing you or giving you ‘unhelpful’ advice. Once you feel the feelings have lessened or changed in some way, then breathe in the energy of ‘Truth’. This is what transforms the healing. Truth is a high, divine truth, it is not something the head can understand at all, but it is a higher frequency vibration. Breathe it in until you feel your body has got it, your body should then feel lighter or feel peaceful or satisfied, or more grounded.

This one is for those who wish to heal but don’t have anything particular they are upset or angry about:

Close your eyes and take your awareness into the body. Feel the body. Is there anything the body is holding. Don’t let your head dictate what might be going on - this is about feeling. You might feel that you’re chest feels a bit stiff or heavy when you breathe. You might discover butterflies in your solar plexus. You might have discomfort somewhere or even pain. (Again you can use your hand to help with the feeling). Follow the instructions as above. You don’t need to know what it is about, it is your body showing you what needs healing and this can be anything from what happened yesterday to what happened in your childhood. It’s just something that your body wants to heal. Once the feeling has shifted or gone away or changed into something else, then breathe in Truth.

This is something you can do everyday no matter how you feel in general. It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes. Don’t be afraid that you might open a can of worms and not be able to close it again. Working with your Soul self is something that is incredibly safe and you will never get Soul- led into something you can’t handle.

If you do feel though that there is something deeper, then enlist the help of a facilitator. I have a list of them, either in your area/country or online. Most of the sessions I facilitate now are done online and are very successful.

The training of facilitators goes on and they feel this process has changed their lives. It’s so easy that people can’t believe it works - well it certainly saved my life.

In just writing about it I feel calmer, more at peace with myself and more aligned with my Soul Self again. Have a go, you’ve nothing to lose and lots to gain. Just remember, your mind doesn’t want you to change, so leave it somewhere else when you choose to do this process. Afterwards your head will catch up and your thought processes will eventually change if you do this incredible process regularly.

Much love, Patricia

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