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January 2022 - New Year Thoughts

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

New Year is normally the time when we all start making our New Year resolutions. For most of us, they don’t last long and slip into obscurity until the next new year.

Our resolutions are normally something that we want to let go of or begin. They are either something which doesn’t please us to hold on to or there is something in us that wants to change and use the new year as a starting point towards that change.

I’m not changing the subject, but everything in nature grows towards the light. From the darkest places there is always this push towards the light and once it finds the light, it unfurls and shows itself in all its beauty.

We are also nature and feel this yearning in our hearts to grow towards the light, to be the light, to unfurl and show our beauty. New year resolutions are part of that pull towards the light. When there is something in our life we want to change, it is because we want to be better, we want to embrace our true self, to improve ourselves.

Some of us didn’t get the nurturing as children that would have helped us to bloom, nurturing is like growing in good soil. But natures urge to grow towards the light, means that everyone, no matter how they were nurtured or not, has the urge inside of themselves to grow, whether they choose to ignore it or embrace it.

When you choose your resolutions, be mindful of why you are choosing them. What is the purpose of the particular resolution you have decided upon? Don’t worry if the only resolution you can think of is to go on a diet, remember that losing weight might be good for your health as well as good for your self esteem. Offer your resolution up to spirit so that it is for the highest good. This makes it somehow more binding and will help you keep to it. It is sometimes a good idea to set a time scale on your resolution, you can always extend the timescale or renew the resolution once you have completed your first chosen timescale.

Another thing to remember is that you don’t have to wait for the new year to set these resolutions. They can be created at any time. Maybe you discover that something is not good for you or there is something in your life you want to let go of because it makes it harder for you to grow, or you want to take on something that will be for your highest good or will make you feel better about yourself, then set the intention, the resolution to change it. Offer up the resolution to the highest good - whatever that is for you.

This year I decided on (and this was weeks ago), two resolutions. One was to meditate for half an hour every day, I had always wanted to do this but any resolution I made for doing it never lasted long, offering it up for my highest good has helped me stick to it for weeks now. The other was to learn to play the piano, again it was something I had started a couple of years ago but when Covid arrived I stopped having lessons and practicing. Again, offering it up has made it much more important for me to continue with it, oh the joy when I learn to play a piece of music that actually sounds like it is supposed to.

Anything we do to help us grow towards the light, to be the people we were born to be is part of our growth. We have to grow, it is in our very nature. Let’s keep growing and blossoming and appreciating our beauty and the beauty around us.

Wishing you all a most amazingly magical 2022. Patricia

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