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September 2021 - The Power of Love

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

I know this is the title of my talk for Thursday 23rd, (see back page for more details) but I couldn’t think of anything else that was more important right now.

I realised how difficult it is to keep our hearts open when there seems to be so much going on around the world that seems devoid of love and compassion. I also realised that as we get caught up in the wrangling, the arguments, the different points of view, stand points and stand offs that our hearts begin to close and when they close they close to our own self love too.

We begin to blame ourselves for not knowing better, for getting caught up in the arguments, for thinking badly about the other person, or the governments, or big businesses. We sometimes feel ourselves to be powerless to help or powerless to change the situation.

If we find ourselves blaming or feeling powerless or angry with the situation that is being presented to us or in our own personal situations, we must remember to take a little bit of time out to get ourselves back into our hearts again.

We only need to focus on our heart centres which is the most powerful part of our body. Our anger, feelings of powerlessness, guilt and fear can dissipate once our focus is back in our hearts. If we follow our breath into our hearts we can feel the calmness, the peace that our heart offers us. We will then find that we begin having loving thoughts, compassion for others and understanding of where they may be coming from.

Whilst we are in that place, spare a thought for yourself, have compassion for yourself, understanding of where you are coming from too, forgive yourself for anything you may be feeling guilty about. Send loving thoughts from your heart to your mind as well as to the rest of your body.

When we include our hearts then the energy changes and we begin to see things differently. We might still not like what might be going on but somehow, from our heart space we don’t feel so powerless and sometimes we get different ideas on how to deal with the situation, and look after ourself in the situation too.

Our hearts are all wise, connected to our spirit self, connected to the universe, to the source, our heart centre is that space within us where we can connect to all wisdom, love and compassion.

We can change the energy on this planet through using our hearts, taking all negative thoughts, words and deeds into the heart for transformation. This is how powerful we are, this is what we are here to do. We won’t take on the negatives, we will transform them through our hearts.

With this thought in mind, just remember any negative thoughts you might have about yourself can also be transformed in this way too, allowing more compassion and love for yourself.

Be in love with yourself, with your life, with your planet.

From my heart to yours - Patricia

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