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October 2023 - Dragon's Talk Blog - Peace and Goodwill

PEACE AND GOODWILL Last night there was an online silent vigil for those caught up in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. This coming weekend there are silent vigils happening in many parts of the UK and I expect in other countries too. It made me think - what if the whole world stopped killing for just twenty minutes to honour those that had died or were injured. What if there was peace on Earth for just twenty minutes while we all paid tribute to those caught up in conflict. Just think of how quiet it would be and how that global energy could really change something fundamental in our psyche.

I am a big believer that the more who come together to pray, visualise, honour, give thanks, then the more powerful a change in global energy there is. What we tend to forget is that the whole universe is energy, it is energy from the moon that affects our seas and oceans and gives us our tides. Our individual energy can affect a room, another person or a group of people.

I do believe these vigils not only help those who attend them but help at least locally to change the energy in the very air we breathe. It’s like every time there is an act of atrocity, people come out of their homes and lay flowers, or a candle, come together to mourn and uplift and pray for that person or people. Every time negative energy is played out then positive energy is also played out.

I’m finding it hard to describe but we need to remember that as we are energy beings, then so is everyone else and everything else. We don’t need to counter-act violence with violence, we can come together in communities and visualise peace, visualise an area or country where there is peace. Of course we can do our own individual bit, but the more we do it together the more powerful it can be.

Sometimes people come to me with a problem regarding a relationship they might have with others. I often advise them to change their own energy. Somehow this seems to change the situation into a more tolerable one for them. I remember once a friend of mine saying that she hated going to the unemployment office because they made her feel so guilty about not being employed. They often sent her for interviews at wholly unsuitable jobs, for instance working in MacDonalds while she was an older lady and vegetarian at that. I suggested she change her energy. Before entering the building to remember that she was also a spirit being and that to spirit much of our life here on earth is a game to be played. She did this and was amazed at the result. She no longer felt guilty and the staff at the centre began to talk to her with more respect and even to ask her for healing. She ended up really enjoying her visits to the unemployment centre.

This is just a small example of how we can change things just by changing our energy. This is what the planet needs right now. Not the accusations of who is right and who is wrong, but the energy of peace and respect for all people no matter what their circumstances. We need more vigils, more getting together in communities. Not necessarily your immediate community of neighbours but communities of friends, of people sharing the same passions. Visualise. Visualise a planet where there are no weapons of violence, where people are understanding of each other and where they treat each other with respect. It might seem a bit tame, but visualisation does work and the more who can visualise a peaceful planet full of goodwill the more the energy of that goes out there and as it does, then change can and so happen.

I want to start the Thursday evenings community again where at a certain time we stop what we are doing and for half an hour we connect with each other (even though we don’t know each other) and we hold the Earth in peace and love, we hold all the people of Earth in peace and love. We do this for half an hour every Thursday. Here in the UK we do it at 18.30pm until 19.00.

Join me and let’s visualise together. Much love, Patricia

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Thankyou Patricia. Completely agree with your sentiments. Its been a while since i have read these blogs and certainly i feel heartened. In these times of great change, parallel to the wonderful inner illumination possible there seems also to be a sense of disorientation as former ways of operating no longer do. The meaning of community needs to be redefined, it seems to me, as does the value of sovereignty. Stephen and I will be glad to join our spirits with the throng every thursday at 6.30 ;)) So much Peace and Love x Deborah

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