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October 2022 - An Expanding Universe - Dragon's Talk blog

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

I must admit that since I began the Dragon’s Talk blog way back in 1999, the world seems to getting crazier and crazier, or rather the people on this planet seem to be getting, on the whole, crazier. It’s not a judgement, it is an observation and as I consider myself a little crazy too, I can recognise it in the situations and actions played out on the planet.

The problem is that the Universe is expanding. It has always been expanding and will continue to do so into infinity, its very nature is expansion. Not being a scientist I cannot give you any more information on this subject. The interesting question is - Are We?

When Corona/Covid/Virus/Bug first showed itself on the planet, everything was told to shut down. The reasons we were told, was to stop the spread of this CCVB (Corona/Covid/Virus/Bug). It was later discovered that some people experienced great difficulties during this time. Some people have not yet recovered from this time and for some the damage seems permanent. As well as being social Beings, apart from a few exceptions, we are also beings who need to expand, it is in our very nature to do this, after all we are part of this planet and part of the universe and if the universe is expanding then so must we. We experience difficulties when we do not expand. We currently only use about twenty per cent of our brain capacity so there is plenty of room for conscious expansion.

We can easily get depressed if we do not expand and we can age faster if we stop expanding. Part of expansion is learning. How many of us continued learning, experiencing and being curious during the shut downs? I experienced the quiet - living on a busy road, this was extremely enjoyable, and because I could hear more bird song I learnt what songs belonged to which birds. I also registered on a self development and a spiritual practice course because I felt that at last I had some time for me. And of course I learnt more about new technology than I knew before like how Zoom works etc. I also had the time to spend within myself which is a good way to expand consciousness.

Think back and see what you learnt during that time. Did you use the time to discover that

beautiful jewel within yourself, did you learn new recipes to cook, read all those books you had been meaning to, discover your neighbours, also who your friends are.

Are you using your time now that we are back to busyness to expand your awareness, your

consciousness. Are you taking the time for yourself? As the planet seems to spin faster, the response of the people on her seems that they become more afraid, stressful, angry and crazy. We must find time during our day for ourselves. It doesn’t always need an hour’s meditation, sometimes waiting for a train or bus can give you the opportunity to calm yourself and to connect to that something deep within you that doesn’t get stressed or angry or fearful. Sometimes a brief walk in nature can do it - do you choose the quick way to work, on the highway, or through the forest. Leave yourself enough time for the things you need to do for the expansion of your own consciousness - inner work, yoga, meditation,

spiritual podcasts and books, whatever gives you strength and peace.

We are all sharing this most wonderful time on Earth and if we can keep growing our knowledge both inner and outer then we can expand in line with the universe and this helps us to feel at one with the universal expansion, we can also feel more at peace with being here and more at peace with ourselves so that whatever craziness happens within our energy field, we know more how to deal with it, how to be non judgemental, more understanding and more compassionate. Don’t bury your head in the sand, face the planetary craziness, we can be the light in the darkness, we can be the shoulder to cry on, we can be the friendly smile on a cold Winter’s day, we can be the help someone might need. As we expand our awareness we can not only expand the knowledge of ourselves but become much more aware of what is going on around us, we can be more open to noticing more, just as we noticed more bird song when it was quiet enough, we can notice more around us now, the people we meet, the situations that arise. This is a very special time, some people call it a re-birthing and as we know birthing is not always easy. Ask yourself this, ‘Why did I choose to incarnate at this time?’ Maybe for all the above reasons, to be the help when it is needed.

We don’t have to do any of this alone, help is always at hand. A great example - I planned to

travel to Germany for my first visit in 5 or 6 years. I was a little anxious about travelling on my

own. I had heard so many nightmare stories about the state of Heathrow Airport and how long it takes to get through security these days. Having to journey on two trains just to get to the airport, I was anxious that I would arrive at the airport with enough time to get through security without a panic to catch the flight. During one of my meditations I found my mind constantly going around all the scenarios which could happen on my journey. I got really annoyed with myself for allowing these interruptions so in the end I handed it over to the higher beings (what Hamish Miller, that great dowser used to call - The Management). Once done the anxiety vanished.

The journey on the trains went well and I got to the airport in plenty of time. After checking in my suitcase I went through to the security hall. The man in front of me stopped abruptly, after nearly bumping into him and I asked if there was anything wrong, his reply was “I travel here every week and every week there are hundreds and hundred of people here, why today are there only twenty”. I smiled and went through with enough time for a nice meal and a read of a really good book. Lesson learned.

Much love to you all - Patricia

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