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November 2021 - The Path to Home

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

So many of us feel we don’t quite belong on this planet - well the planet is okay, it’s all the other humans that inhabit it. I have met some people who feel they have been stranded on this planet for lifetimes and always long for that place deep in their hearts that they can call home.

I do know how they feel. I have moved house so many times in my desire to find ‘home’. Every country that I ever visited I felt I could stay there and make a home for myself. I have always felt closely connected to the earth and in fact have for some time now been channelling Gaia, the consciousness of Planet Earth - however, deep within myself I never felt that I was truly home.

Some of us feel that we are some sort of ‘off planet’ Being whose ‘job’ is to live on this particular planet and assist in her journey to another dimension - to bring the planet home. So what does it all mean? Where is home?

For a start, we are all human beings who chose to incarnate onto this planet at this most important time in her journey. Some of us have had many lifetimes on this planet and I do believe that some of us have had experiences of other dimensions and other realms, other existences. So indeed, this planet might not be our original home but, we must remember that we are all snails - yes, as snails carry their home on their backs, we carry our homes in our hearts.

In practicing keeping my heart open in any situation, in practicing living in gratitude and contentment I have arrived home AND I didn’t have the expense of moving house either. I’ve come to realise what so many of you may already realise that home is in our heart and we carry it around within us.

The heart is also our spirit centre. Now spirit always feels at home, because to our spirit/soul there is no separation - home is always right in the here and now. Spirit never left the oneness, the all-ness, never left the love. If we manage to live more from the heart then we are living from that place where there is no other place to be than right in the here and now. Since learning this, my contentment has grown stronger and there is less anxiety, fear, disappointment.

Follow your Breath into your heart centre, be more aware of your heart centre, listen to your heart centre, talk to your heart centre. This is home.

As you become more conscious of your heart centre you become more conscious of your own actions and you will find yourself asking yourself - ‘Was what I have just said/ done from a heart space or not’? If you have any questions, even including life changing questions, ask your heart. Your spirit/soul knows your life purpose, knows why you decided to incarnate at this time and is happy to answer your questions especially if you are willing to act on the answers.

Be aware of the difference between a heart answer and an ego answer. A heart answer always comes with a feeling of peace, almost like it’s already done and you’ve only got to pluck it out of the air. An ego answer is always very busy and begins planning, sometimes before the actual answer is given. Spend a little time practising and see what happens. If you want to compare notes, we can print some of them in January’s Dragon’s Talk.

Love, Patricia

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