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June 2021 - Who do you think you are?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

You want the Truth? O.K. You are a Divine, Sacred, eternal being experiencing all that planet Earth has to offer whilst inhabiting a human form - there!

Some of you will say, yes, that is true - others will say I cannot believe that. Even those who say it is true, do they really actually believe it down to their toes? Our minds like the concept but the body’s belief is far different, the body experiences pain, fear, doubt, loss, grief and more pain.

It’s like we have two different computer programmes running. One is Soul’s programme and the other is our body’s programme. Our mind then makes up the stories from bodies responses. It’s not always easy to hear the Soul programme over the noise in our heads and the fixation on seeing all that is happening around us and with busying ourselves. We have to make time out of our busyness to listen to Soul.

Our body’s computer programme says that we are weak and small (for the first time in my life this year I considered myself as vulnerable - well everyone kept telling me because I was in ‘that vulnerable age group.’ Our body’s programme tells us that we are not good enough or that we always get it wrong or that we cannot change the things we feel we need to change. This is how different our Soul’s computer programme is - You are beautiful, you are a powerful being, there is nothing on this planet that can defeat you. You are supported, you have all the help you need. You can do it - YES!

What happens when we look at ourselves through the eyes of our Divine part, or Soul, or we look at our life through those divine eyes? What do we see? For a start we look with more love, we look with an open heart. I thought while writing this that I would practice what I preach. Outside my window was a family who were getting out of their car, the children were over excited, after all they were going to the beach, the parents were stressed. One of the children almost got thrown into a pushchair while the other one’s arm was grabbed and pulled behind the parent. Once I looked at them through the eyes of my Soul, within my heart, I could see the strain of the parents and my heart opened to them and took them in. They walked quite calmly on towards the sea, whether my taking them into my heart calmed them I don’t know, but I knew, just knew, that they would have a lovely day and come back to their car refreshed. I thought this was good practice for me, rather than judge, just let them all into my heart. I then spent the rest of my time whilst writing this just holding the people passing or parking in my heart, seeing them with my Soul’s eyes. I’m surprised this Dragon’s Talk got written at all.

We are amazing beings. Only a part of us dies - our body, we continue through eternity, either incarnating or just messing about in the universe somewhere or maybe just being one with everything. We incarnate onto this planet in order that we can experience all that ‘matter’ can give us in terms of experience. The problem is that we start to believe that this is all we are - matter. It’s like actors on stage in a play, believing that their roles are real, that the script is real and that they are caught up in the drama.

I am not belittling anyone’s drama for, of course we all have drama, of course we hurt, we experience heart ache, loss and grief, we worry about paying the rent or keeping our job. All I am suggesting is that we sometimes look at our life through the eyes of Soul, so that we keep our dramas’ in perspective and sometimes even get answers that our mind had not thought of before.

Our whole existence is a miracle. Our body is a miracle, a gift from planet Earth and our Soul is that part of us that can smooth the path of our life, bringing colour, music, joy and peace into our lives.

Let’s begin to remember that we are more than we see through our physical eyes. That we are Spirit in human form, here to live our human lives but with Spirit’s input. We are not alone, how can we be when we not only belong to the family of mankind but to the wholeness of the universe, part of all creation, a huge, huge Soul bubble.

I know I am only reminding you. For most of us, our human brains can’t compute so we need reminders from time to time. Let’s celebrate who we are and let’s fill ourselves with gratitude for this wonderful planet who offers so many experiences for us all.

In love, Patricia

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