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July 2023 Dragon's Talk Blog - Gaia Speaks


I ask for your help. I have never asked for help before but I need it now. I am not in fear for myself, but I am fearing for you. You cannot destroy me no matter how hard you are trying right now, but you are indeed in danger of destroying yourselves. I ask for help because you are my children and every mother wants the very best for her children, mothers don’t want their children to suffer.

I want first, to give you some important information before I tell you how you can help me/you. All across my body (the planet) there are energy lines. These lines were in perfect alignment very early on in human existence. They held everything in place and enabled communication across the whole of my body. It’s a bit like, if you stubb your toe, you feel it across your whole body, your whole body shouts with pain, so even though you might not, for some reason, see your toe, you ‘feel’ you have hurt it and can then do something to heal it or alleviate the pain. It used to be the same for my body. These energy lines, you sometimes call, Ley Lines or Dragon Lines, carried information all across my body. Your ancestors used to be able to communicate with each other, no matter where they were bodily, with spirit, with me using the energy lines to do so.

As my children grew in mind they forgot about these lines and built on them, ran their roads over them, altered the landscape around them and upon them until communication became more difficult and now sometimes impossible. This communication is imperative for my health and yours. How can I help you if I don’t know what is happening to you, what is happening around you?

Some of you think that the disasters that are happening right now are my revenge because of how I am being treated. This is not true. If there is more heat then I become more like a pressure cooker and have to explode one way or another. Some of these disasters are caused by myself being out of balance, but how can I see to my stubbed toe if I do not know I have stubbed it because the lines of communication between the different parts of my body are no longer working. Your imbalances have impacted on me and I am, in some areas, out of balance too.

I ask for help out of love for you. I ask you, every one of you, to go to what you know to be ancient sacred sites, stone circles, standing stones, burial mounds, high energy places and sacred groves and wells. Visit these places with the energy of appreciation. Appreciation for your own life and appreciation of me (the planet). Appreciate what is around you. If you have the opportunity whilst there to have a few quiet moments to connect with the ancestors, or the spirits of the place, they might wish to speak to you, even give you some instruction as to what to do while you are there. But if you cannot have any quiet space or you don’t hear the voices of the ancestors or spirits, please do not be concerned. Just being there helps. These places are all connected so as you connect to where you are, your connection travels along the lines to other places so that your connection is felt sometimes many miles from you are.

You don’t have to do much, but to be there in appreciation. This energy is very powerful and helps to strengthen connections and sometimes even re-connect when the connection has been completely broken. These lines are a form of energy and appreciation is another form of energy. It is all I ask of you. Each connection that is strengthened or each connection that is re-made, (it might not be in it’s original position but it is like your veins, if one vein is removed the blood finds another way through and reconnects once again). Connections can be re-made and can be strengthened.

I do thank all those who have been working on these energy lines and sacred places. Every time you do a ritual or sing and dance at any of these places it helps renew and strengthen them. I thank those who spend much time in working to help re-connect the lines and want to tell you that you are doing incredible work and I appreciate you and what you are doing.

I can re-balance again even in this heat. I need your help to do so and in turn it will help you to survive. Yes, this is a matter of survival, not for me but for you.

I thank you for reading this. Know that I love and appreciate you.

A Gaia channelling through Patricia – July 2023

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