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December 2023 - Dragon's Talk blog - The Season of Goodwill

The Season of Goodwill

Friends and colleagues get together for Christmas drinks.  Neighbours deliver cards to each other.  You send and receive cards from people you haven’t seen or spoken to for years.  You give more to charities than at any other time of the year.  People smile at each other and your heart just bursts when you see childrens’ faces light up with the Christmas lights or at Santa’s grotto.  Families forget their quarrels (well some do!) Everyone at least tries to come together in peace and, yes, goodwill.

Whatever your religious beliefs this time of year always feels lighter, friendlier and somehow more hopeful.   We forget our fights, we become more generous, we seem to smile more.  Of course there are always those who are ‘Bah Humbugs’ but even they seem to smile more at this time of year.

We all moan that Christmas is too commercial, comes to early and costs too much, but we nevertheless feel somewhat excited and seem to get into the spirit of things.  Of course TV ads all help, with their upbeat Christmas banquets, good cheer and smiling actors/actresses.

There is another side to all this and that is that we can feel depressed, lonely and disassociated from all the Christmas cheer.  Family banquets on TV can make people feel more lonely than ever and what about if you are not going to have anywhere near a banquet, your money just can’t stretch that far, what about if you have lost someone close, Christmas time can accentuate the grief and loss.

The other side of all the merriment is sorrow and suffering.  So spare a thought, a prayer for those that are less fortunate than ourselves.  Those innocents caught up in wars they never asked for, those suffering from being displaced from their home and their homelands.  Those suffering from natural disasters and those suffering because their personal life has become a disaster.  Those who are suffering loss and are lonely, or those feeling insecure and afraid.

I know you might think there is so little you can do apart from donating more to charity, maybe helping in a soup kitchen or a place that helps the homeless or to open your home for those that need some food and warmth.  But there is power in prayer, there is power in our requests and there is power in our visualisations.

Take some time this season to visualise a world where there is no suffering, or visualise the end to war.  In your meditations open your heart and bring the suffering into your heart space.  We might not see the results straight away but we mustn’t discount the power of our connectedness and the power of energy that we can put out there.  Everything is energy and everything and everyone has a purpose.  Maybe your purpose this Christmas time is not only to be with your family but to remember those who are suffering, maybe include them energetically in your family circle.  It really does work.

The other day I was driving along and calling on the Christ Consciousness to help the people of Gaza and those suffering in Israel, I called three times on the Christ Consciousness and after the third time, immediately in front of me was the most enormous column of light.  It went straight up from the earth into the heavens.  Of course this could have been the end of a rainbow, only it was a straight column with hardly any colour, my scientific minded husband explained the phenomena in detail when I told him about what happened, for me the miracle was the timing, less than a second after I had called on help for the third time, it was there.  I did not see it come nor did I see it go, it was there for a few seconds and then it wasn’t.  Do not discount what help you ask for.  We are not doing it alone.

Let’s see if we can keep that Christmas spirit going throughout our day and throughout our life, lightening the energy within and around us, secure in the knowledge that our efforts are supported, holding a heart space for those that so desperately need love, connecting to the creator within each of us and visualising a planet where all can feel that love.  We can do this and for the sake of the planet and her children, we have to do this.

Have a great Solstice, Yuletide, Christmas.  Love Patricia

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1 Comment

Inspired and heartfelt this months offering thankyou for reminding us all to open our hearts a little wider . . . And to remember the power of love in this x midwinter blessings to all, Deborah

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