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April 2023 - Dragon's Talk Blog - Community


I have realised since moving out of Cornwall how much I miss my community. My community was made up of people who had similar views. We did energetic work on the land and we got together for healing and spiritual circles. I have realised since moving away just how much I miss this particular community. Yes some members have moved away and others have passed on, but I realise now what a big part of my life it was.

I still have communities. I send out a monthly email to a worldwide community of like minded people every month and have been in touch with some of these people for over 25 years. Sometimes I get emails from them and sometimes I get to see them. I have watched as they had babies and these babies have grown into beautiful adults. We, in this community, feel the same about the Earth and about living with our hearts open, with love, compassion and understanding. I belong to another worldwide community which meets every Thursday at 6.30pm UK time to meditate and to include the planet and her children in our hearts. One Thursday a month takes place on zoom and we get to see each other, have a wave and share our open hearts. Whenever I facilitate a workshop or retreat I feel it is a community, a community of like minded people getting together to learn and to heal.

Communities are fluid, people arrive and people leave, different communities are set up in different places and with different people. Sometimes communities overlap. I have been involved in an amateur production over the last couple of months and we formed a wonderful community, working together, sharing together and helping each other. Now that it is over, I feel a bit bereft, I have made new friends but I miss the community, all of us together - working together.

Communities are an important part of our lives. Have a think about what communities you might already belong too. Sometimes it’s the family community, the football fan community, a u3a group, a choir, a healing circle, a prayer group, a bird watchers group or a ufo watchers group, all groups are some sort of community.

Communities are where we can feel safe. Hopefully where we can express ourselves. It is something quite natural. We are not meant to be alone on little islands, we are community animals and we know that when we work together, more gets done than when we ‘go it alone’.

It is important to get together with others and I know the greatest fun takes place when you walk with friends rather than alone. It is important for our well being to feel we belong somewhere. When I moved to a new place six years ago I felt for a little while that I didn’t belong, I didn’t feel at home at all. I focussed on creating a garden, chatted with neighbours as they went passed but that was the extent of my ‘community’. I then joined a couple of groups and found that I do feel I am a part of where I live, I feel happier, more settled, have more fun and have made some really lovely friends. I am planning on extending my community involvement by starting up a spiritual group where we can meditate together and share our knowledge and maybe also work on the land together like we used to in Cornwall.

Being together with others, working together with others is a true blessing and I think necessary for our health and well being. Let’s sing with others, dance with others, work on the land with others and meditate with others and see just how much it enriches our lives. It is now more important than ever that we meet with others and share our lives with others as our lives seem to be more intense these days. Although we might share our lives on Facebook and other social media platforms, you really can’t beat a physical hug, a natter over a cup of something or the joy of sharing your passions face to face.

We are Gaia’s community - family. Let’s hold hands together and give the Earth a huge hug.

If you would like to tell me about your group and would like advertised in my next blog, please email me at:

Much love, Patricia

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