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March 2023 Dragon's Talk Blog - Meditation for Health

Meditation for Health I hope February was a good month for you. At least it is always a short month and here at last we are into March.

I found myself getting very low in spirit, yes, I know here in the Northern Hemisphere it is winter and it is the time many people get low in spirit, but even on sunny days, I felt I wasn’t coping very well. I know I am in pain most days and I haven’t been able to do a lot of walking, but I don’t normally feel as if there is a dark cloud hanging over my head and colouring my normally sunny life.

In a quiet moment these words came to me: “Why was I punishing myself?” What intrigued me was how was I punishing myself as I do spend quite a bit of my day on my own health issues.

I realised that I was punishing myself by not meditating. I was being so busy in my days with clients, exercises for strengthening my legs, exercises for strengthening my lungs, but what about my heart? Meditation strengthens the heart. I was fixed on a healthy physical form but had forgotten about my spiritual form which was then effecting my emotional form.

When I meditate I focus on my heart. During meditation I can feel my physical heart slow down as my body relaxes. It’s beats become slow and steady. I focus on my heart opening and allowing in the love. I feel the invisible support around me and feel myself held in strong, powerful arms.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in a God/Goddess, whether you are a Christian or Moslem, Buddhist or Hindu, Pagan or Jew, we can all feel that love that ‘Passeth all understanding’, the love that loves for the sake of love, that unconditional love from some kind of Supreme Being that we can give our own name to. When this love comes in, suddenly the sun within begins to shine again, suddenly the physical and emotional pain is less and suddenly things seems so much easier.

Once I began meditating again, the little dark cloud disappeared, the physical pain got a lot less, somehow I have optimism again and I feel that with all I do, I am receiving help with it. I suppose you could say that I have reconnected to the grid again.

So meditation is not just good for slowing down our hearts and relaxing the body, it help us re-connect to the love, it re-connects us to our higher selves, to spirit, it connects us to gratitude, to peace and to the help that we sometimes need in our life. It helps us let go of things that we cling to and walk forward with the feeling that we are supported, assisted and loved.

Don’t forget our ‘Journey to Love’ events on Thursday 16th February and Thursday April 20th which always end with a meditation on love.

Much love Patricia

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