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Patricia Angove

New Gaia Network

The Sacredness of Planet Earth


New Gaia Network supports people through the many different energy shifts on our planet.  The organisation supports and encourages humanity to connect to their home planet and to support her in her sacredness and in her beauty.  When we can appreciate her and hold her as a divine being then we can begin to treat her and all her children, both human and animal with respect.  She is home and Patricia through New Gaia Network assists people in feeling more at home, more heart connected and more appreciative on this our sacred planet.

(Gaia is the Greek name for the planet as a conscious being)




The Dragons are back - back into our consciousness.

Patricia became aware of dragons as fourth dimensional beings back in 1999 when she was asked to free them from their hiding places within the earth.  This set about a whole chain of circumstances and over the next few years many people were involved in going to different places upon the earth and 'freeing' dragons.
Since then she has worked with dragons and run dragon workshops where people and dragons can become re-connected.

Dragons were once revered and their knowledge and wisdom sought.  We worked together with them in our care and appreciation of the Earth, our Mother.  They went into hiding during the dark times when we would forget them, misrepresent them and turn them into monsters.

Dragons are now back and want to share their ancient wisdom with us once again. Patricia hopes in a small way she has helped to bring us back to that knowledge that they hold and so willingly share.


Drawing by John Moore

South African artist



The Lemurians


The Lemurians came to this planet before the evolvement of humanity.  They lived in crystal cities.  When humanity appeared they decided to join them in order to teach them how to look after their mother, the planet Earth.  They became third dimensional and although they looked different, taller with long ears, a white skin and red or blond hair, they lived in peace and harmony, creating Gardens of Eden wherever they went. They made their home on islands in the Pacific Ocean but travelled extensively.

Although their islands have all but gone, their cities still remain but in another dimension.

They worked closely with the dragons and were deeply connected to them and to the Earth. 

The Lemurians are sometimes called 'The Shining Ones' or 'The Ancient Ones'.  They are our ancient ancestors, we all share Lemurian blood.  They are working with us still today, always teaching, always helping to create Gardens of Eden.

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