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I really do feel that we are entering a time of absolute magic.  I can’t prove it, I just feel deep in my bones that we are coming into a time and place in space where magic becomes the norm.  

We seem to have gone through such a tough time (some of us are still there), a time where we seemed to struggle just to survive.  Where we seemed to have lost so much.  I feel this was a time of burning away what was no longer necessary in our lives in order to find the gold underneath.  A real transformation of what was/is important to us and what we could/should let go of.  Most of this struggle has been internal.  Trying to find a place where we belong, where we fit within ourselves.  So many of us have had to change how we describe ourselves.  We’ve had to carry massive amounts of compassion, not just for others but for ourselves too.

I feel it’s all up for change.  We’ve worked so hard.  Even when we’ve felt we were too busy to work on ourselves because we had to earn a living, or we’ve had loved ones to look after, or we’ve had so many others things we’ve felt we had to get done, we have been, at the same time working on our deeper issues, values and beliefs.  Sometimes there has been flack when uncovered anger has risen, sometimes we’ve been so fed up that we’ve hit out at another.  Sometimes we’ve even lost that which we didn’t mean to lose.  But despite it all, it is time for change. 

The energy that surrounds this planet is supporting, even urging the change. Those invisible beings that have supported us and the planet are also holding the energy for this change to happen. We just need to stay grounded, to keep up the practices that supports us whether that is meditation, yoga, tree hugging, walking in nature, drinking tea with our friends or playing with our children/grandchildren, we mustn’t forget that we need to support ourselves until the struggle ceases and the magic manifests itself in our third dimensional realities.

I am sure you have stories of magic that is or has happened to you, well, send them in so that others still in struggle may take heart.  We are not completely out of the woods yet, we do need to support ourselves and each other whenever we can.

Be true to yourself.  Not to your anger or indignation or fear but to your heart.  Try to keep it open no matter what temptation there may be to close it.  The magic comes from love.  Love is the key to less struggle, more joy, more peace.  

Please enjoy yourselves.  In the face of all struggle, there is always love.




Hi everyone


Oh boy what a few weeks (months even years) it has been!  I feel as if the world has been turned upside down and that none of the planets are where they are supposed to be.  It is wonderful, terrifying, beautiful and challenging.


For someone like me who is an empath, it has been truly turbulent and I’ve even had to hide my head in the sand at times as it has felt so overwhelming.  At times my body just crashed and I have had to cancel my trip to South Africa as I felt a long journey was not appropriate for my health at the moment.  On the other hand I am so enjoying life, loving working on my garden, learning to play the piano and meeting up with friends and sharing times with my family.


It is very hard at times to stay grounded, the planets seem to be pulling at us and trying to get us to somehow ‘float’ above it all.  I find the best way to stay grounded is to keep feeling the body.  Keeping the focus in the body is great because a) you are aware of how your body and emotions are coping or not with things and b) you never jump at a car backfiring or any surprise noise. 


Sometimes it is good to call on assistance when you are feeling overwhelmed or over emotioned.  Whether you call upon the angels, the Goddess, God, your own Soul Self, your dragon, tree spirit or whatever else, you are making it clear to your mind and body that you intend to change the situation you feel yourself in right now.  As you know, setting an intention is half the battle and with an intention set, you find yourself relaxing and viewing the situation with different eyes.  This helps then with the answers that we need to change the situation.  We are already feeling better about it, and the answers do come if, by then they are still needed.


Some people say to me that they wait a few days before reacting to something, this is very wise when things can be put on hold for a few days.  What is hard is when something happens there and then and you cannot respond how you would like to.  For instance, when you go to the doctor, you may have made a list of what to ask the doctor but it all goes out of your mind when you are there and being bombarded with what you should and shouldn’t do because of your condition.  Staying in the body helps to stay grounded and mindful of what you are wanting out of any given situation.


Let us be inbodied, be in our hearts and allow everything that we truly are through and into our daily life.  We are more than we remember we are.  We are Divine beings on a magnificent divine planet in a truly wondrous divine solar system, part of an incredible, awe-inspiring universe.  We have so much help at hand.  Set an intention and it is half done already because the rest could be done for us without us even knowing how it happened.  After all we are the creators.


If it’s hard, ask your Soul Self to help you to remember who you truly are.  Your Soul Self will help you, honestly, the universe (including God/Soul) is not working against you, it is working with you, supporting you and bringing you everything you need for your journey to the truth of who you are.


These blogs (I hope) are an aid to remembering.  We are truly magnificent, let’s make an intention to live that magnificence.


With love - Patricia


P.S.  Many people have asked me to get back to sending out Dragon’s Talk again.  I’d love to if I felt that is what you would prefer.  Only this time I want you to be part of it.  If I send out a regular newsletter, how about you sending in your tips, news, little poems you have written or found that will help the rest of us remember.  We are a community and some of us have been in contact over many, many years now, let’s share what we know with each other through the medium of Dragon’s Talk.  Let me know if this is what you would like.



MAY 2019

It’s been very difficult to write a blog for this month. One part of me is full of celebration that ‘Summer is a come unto Day’ as the great Padstow ‘Obby ‘Os song says on Beltane morn, but the other part of me is struggling with a world that seems to be turning upside down. Within me there is joy but also grief, laughter but also a sense of doom, love but also anger.

I then read an article by my dear friend Jane Alexander who put into words so magnificently what I and so very many others are feeling: she says:


“These are certainly difficult and challenging times. I am feeling rather like I have had a layer of skin ripped away and I am seeing through things I thought of as certainties. I am more aware it seems than I ever have been of the illusion at the heart of existing form and at the same time the very preciousness of that form. The starkness of the environmental truths we are finally accepting on the collective level cannot be ignored. The power of our choices in each moment seems so much clearer. What we choose is the world we inhabit. An uncertain transformational process is claiming us all. I can feel the rightness in this process as painful and as challenging as it may be as we are offered the opportunity to face and transmute our survival mechanisms, value systems, and our attachments to who we think we are and what we think ‘being alive’ means. It is amazing, full of hope and deeply terrifying.”

She goes on to say:

“Its funny isn’t it, that at times of great opening, we so often seek refuge in old patterns and spaces of familiar fear. Its really easy to find ourselves resting in old hurts, or allowing the victim within us to fuel our sense of entitlement. When old sureties are crumbling, its really easy to want to repackage our identity – to keep moving forwards in some way when it might be better to allow things to breakdown. Nature knows this. She is good with compost. We’re less so; wanting something more permanent. We perhaps don't realise that permanence can be its own form of destruction.”


A very wise lady and one who is able to write exactly how I feel at this moment in time.


Everything is polarised. Brexit is a great reminder of this polarisation. We are told to believe this and that and everything in between, but what is the truth? How do we find the truth for ourselves and how do we keep it.

Jane went on to talk about love. That is the truth of it. We created the illusion, created from the clay of love like some Grecian god potter. We created this huge playground where we could play with the illusion that we couldn’t create anything, that we were the victims, that things were done to us and not by us, that there is no ‘real’ love. Wow, didn’t we do well. We stepped out of the knowledge that every molecule in all the universes is love and into this amazing illusion. Not even Stephen Spielberg could do better. We created a movie called ‘Life on Planet Earth’ and then started to believe in the characters and in the situations that we created.


What if we could just see the illusion for what it is - Love. What if we could see all that happens to us, through us, in spite of us as - Love.

I sometimes play this game. I look at my rose garden and feel love, I talk to my roses with love, encouraging them and telling them how beautiful they are. Then I try to do the same with weeds, more difficult but their molecules are the same frequency of love as my roses. I try to talk to them and apologise for pulling them up but tell them that they will make the most amazing compost. I am still working on slugs, this I find very hard. It is easy to remember in my head that their molecules are made of the same love that the universe is made from - this helps, but I can’t feelthe love. That is a work in progress, but it is a game that is worth repeating and working at.


When we see the illusion for what it is then it is much easier to let whatever had held our attention go, it is easier to let it be and let it work it’s own way out. It doesn’t mean that we all sit in caves and allow the world to do it’s own thing, it is about doing whatever we choose to do in the truth that it is all an illusion but its foundation is love. We have the choice every second of our lives to

choose love, to remember that we are love, that all is love. That is something I shall continue playing with with my garden slug. If I am love, and the slug is love and all around is love, then the slug can be disposed of with love and not in the energy of anger (it did eat completely one of my favourite plants).


As we do more and more knowing that we are love on a planet of love in a universe of love then we are constantly reminding ourselves that we are the creators of our own illusions and that we are changing those illusions and bringing in more awareness of the truth, that all is love whether it looks like it or not.


This is our path. This is what we planned millennia ago. To create an illusion which cut us offfrom love, and then to come back to the truth. In the meanwhile we have a struggle to let go some of what we have become attached to even though it no longer serves us. Let it go with love (me - thinking of my slug).


It hurts, it disappoints, there is grief and there is pain, but it is all love. We are the creators experiencing all the hurt, disappoint, grief and pain in order to find the foundation of it all - Love.

If you wish to contact Jane, her email address is:




MARCH 2019

I realised in these last couple of months just how important it is to meditate or at least put some time aside for your own quiet time.  I have been so very busy, doing all sorts of different things and enjoying myself.  I wasn’t even aware of myself getting stressed and overwhelmed until I really felt stressed and overwhelmed.  Suddenly everything was too much for me and I began to regret ever agreeing to do this or that.  My sleep became more restless and there were nights I couldn’t sleep at all and my head felt like it was the sun and the planets were circling at different speeds around me.  It was not a comfortable feeling as each planet had loads of ‘jobs’ that had to be done.


There was never a thought that I should take time out and actually sit still for a few minutes, I was on the treadmill and it wouldn’t, couldn’t stop no matter how I wished it would.  I began to get headaches and feel myself getting irritable all the time.


One day however, I really felt very strongly to stop and just be.  I have a special place in my home where I can sit and meditate or at least feel what is going on inside of me, what emotions are up.  So I left my desk, piled high with ‘things to do’ and went and sat in my special place.  I had no idea of what would happen and I berated myself that I just didn’t have the time to do it at all.


I felt inside myself and felt the turmoil, the broiling and it was then I heard the voice of self condemnation.  The voice that was telling me I had to work hard to prove myself, I had to not let anyone down as whenever I was let down I always felt it badly and I didn’t want others to have to go through that, the voice also said that no matter how hard I worked I would never be good enough.  


These were age old issues that don’t arise very often these days but with me taking ‘time out’ I was able to hear what they were saying.  At this point I could have beaten myself up even more with things like ‘I should know better’, ‘It’s about time I changed all this’ etc. etc.  


Why was I so scared of letting others down?  Feeling and looking deeper into this issue I realised that I wanted everyone to be my friend.  I wanted everyone to be ‘nice’ to me.  I wanted to ‘prove’ I was worth being their friend, I wanted to prove I had a place on this planet, an excuse to be here.


I know all sounds a bit ‘over the top’, but when we look deeply into ourselves and then even deeper, these things are sometimes lying there and sometimes when we have ran ourselves ragged and can’t do it anymore, we take a peek at what is ‘down there’ and see the issues we hide from others and from ourselves.


What, you might ask, do you do then.  I can only tell you what I do and what I teach others to do.  Find that part of you that carries the light and the love.  That is really so hard to do when the other voices are so strong and are managing your life as mine did for a couple of weeks.  There is a part of you that is eternal, that goes on after the body has died.  This part of you is also within you but is hard to access when you keep yourself so busy.  Taking time out and accessing not only the voices that are pushing you deeper into stress, tiredness and fear but also that part of you that remains still and feels peaceful.  I always feel that that part of me is smiling even when I have tears streaming down my face.


Sometimes it is difficult to access that part of you, you don’t have to feel it.  You only have to ‘know’ that it is there.  I ask it to share with me, my feelings.  The stress, the tiredness, the anger with myself.  I try to access all the feelings that have been triggered by those deep voices of self doubt, anger and pain.  It’s like not denying your feelings, it’s about getting into them even deeper but with the knowledge that you are not alone because there is another part of you, an eternal, divine part of you that has your welfare at heart and holds your life plan and that it is far bigger than any of your negative feelings.


When I do this for long enough (with practice, it doesn’t take long) you feel things change.  It seems to get lighter, your feelings might not go but do get smaller until they can be safely tucked away in your pocket for looking at again at another time.  They get to feel manageable.  I then ask my eternal self for the truth.  I breathe in the truth, knowing that the truth is beyond my minds’ comprehension because the truth is bigger than anything I know in my mind.  I open my heart to the truth and I feel the love there.  The love for the planet.  The love for my family and friends, but most importantly of all, the love for me, the love for my journey.   In that moment there is no judgement of me, no judgement of my actions.  Just me and the love and truth of my existence.

It is hard to explain but I hope in trying to explain it, it might help you in some way if you ever need it.


Afterwards, I feel so completely different.  I find that the work I do goes well and there is no struggle to ‘get things done’.  I’m back in the flow and there is no stress to get it done, it almost does itself.  What I have to be mindful of is that I can so easily get caught up in it all again and then I forget that I have divine help to do these ‘jobs’, and start to try to do them all by myself again.  As long as I remember to take time out every day if possible, even if it is just ten minutes - what is ten minutes, a tea break!  I can give up a tea break in order to do what I feel is so incredibly important for my self and my journey.  So let go of some of that lovely busyness, and make time for inner reflection and connection.



Hope you can find some.  If you need any help, you know how to contact me.





2019 is here at last and we can now relax a little. For many of us 2018 was a struggle, there was much change and change doesn’t always come in ways we expect or feel we can cope with.

There was much change for me in 2018. I found myself questioning myself, my work, my life - it was like sitting on a pebbled beach and each pebble on the beach was yelling at me to turn it over and see what was underneath. I can quite understand why I didn’t do many workshops last year, my work last year was - ME.

Although it was hard and sometimes painful, there were moments when I felt I wasn’t on my own and felt that somehow I was still ‘connected’. One of these moments was when Gaia (planet Earth’sconsciousness) requested that Eloha and I do another Earth Connections workshop. I wasn’t expecting anyone to talk to me at that time, I was watching a stream and contemplating the way the water ran around some stones and ran over others and seemed to totally ignore others. Suddenly the voice I hadn’theard for a while and yet was so familiar to me asked me and Eloha to organise an Earth Connections week. I almost jumped into the tree canopy with delight. When I told Eloha, she immediately got such a big yes that we immediately set to and organised accommodation, transport and food. Everything fell into place. As soon as we sent out information about it people came back to us to say they want to be part of it, everything moved so smoothly. In my own life and Eloha’s, things weren’t going so smoothly.

My inner struggle became more pronounced. I began doubting everything I thought I was and everything I put energy into - except Earth Connections, that was the only constant in my life and there was never a moment within all my doubts, that I doubted that Earth Connections was supposed to happen.

A few months later I had an experience where I felt the pure love of the Creator/Universe/the Source. I felt so completely part of this love that I felt expanded, huge and in the flow with higher forces. It was as if I could take everybody into my heart. In fact the words that came to me was that my heart was blasted open and my Soul flew free. In flying free it freed me of my fear, my doubts, my pain. I wasn’texpecting anything like this, but I feel it was the end result of looking under all my pebbles.

I really do feel that in 2019 more and more of us will shine more brightly than ever. We don’t have to force it, it comes when we are ready. It’s like we are all figures made of silver, during our daily toil and troubles we lose our shine, begin doubting why we are here at all and then along comes the Creator buffer who gives us a good buffing and we shine again, more brightly, more intensely and with more integrity.

We are all on the journey to becoming who we were meant to be and who we truly are and I feel very strongly that 2019 is holding the energy of certain large steps towards that. I do feel that 2019 is a very important year for us all and for the planet. I have often wondered why Gaia has called for another Earth Connections this year after we were told in 2012 that that one was the last one needed. I really do feel that cogs are turning and things are moving into place both on and for the planet and for the higher truth. I cannot quite put it into words, it is a feeling. If you think last year was a year of change - you’venot seen anything yet! It is change, all change but we will also see what those changes bring, we will taste the taste of beauty and freedom.

All is set to support and guide us, we only have to listen to our heart and to open our heart, the earth is preparing for these massive changes and so must we, our hearts will guide us through.

Stay connected to whatever you feel supports you. Stay connected to friends and family who understand where you are coming from and can support you. We are all in this together, one day you are receiving support from someone and the next you are supporting someone else. One day you are the teacher and the next day the student.

So hold on to the wild, bucking bronco, it is going to take us to where we came here to go, to the truth of who we are and the truth of life on this amazing, divine planet. Let your heart guide you as your heart holds the truth, it is locked in there. Take opportunities to open your heart and thereby unlock the truth.






I’ve had such a wonderful response from people all over the world thanking me for all the years that I have written and sent out Dragon’s Talk and how much it has helped and supported them.  Some of the responses really touched my heart.  Oh how I wish I had had these responses while still sending out Dragon’t Talk and that people didn’t wait until I’d stopped.


Sometimes I felt so alone.  Tuning in to planetary energy, writing about it and getting it sent by email and in the post and only receiving the occasional - “thanks, that really helped”.  It made me think about how we take others for granted.  We don’t very often express what something means to us until too late.  It reminded me that I haven’t said to my kids lately just how much they mean to me and how much I appreciate them.  The same with friends.  Something I mean to do before the next blog that I write.


I know things seems pretty bad everywhere right now.  I’m coming across more and more people who are being banned from receiving any benefits at all and yet are too ill to work, how are they expected to live?  I have witnessed such aggression between people for the smallest of annoyances.  Newspapers and the news doesn’t help with so much hate, vitriolic speech and biased reporting.  I sometimes feel I am living on a planet full to the brim with hate, hate, hate.


When I remember the way it used to be.  In Lemurian times.  Yes, I know it sounds a bit mad but if you look deeply into your own heart - don’t you remember those times too.  When we lived together in communities that cared for each other and made sure that no one went without anything they needed.  When the animals had no fear of us and ate right out of our hands (well some did!)  When there was no fighting between us.  Children were treasured and educated to think for themselves and to follow their hearts rather than training them to fulfil jobs that had to be done.  Old people were treasured for their wisdom and their skills, not vilified and told that they are a drain on NHS resources.  We lived in peace and held the planet as sacred, thanking the planet with rituals, and remembering that she was always nurturing us.


Now if you don’t believe that we lived through Lemurian times (I don’t blame you), but I do feel that so many of us hold the vision of how we would like it to be.  Peaceful, nurturing, inspiring.  So what has gone wrong?  How can we put it right?


Firstly to say that so many people are working to put it right.  I know of people who are teaching children in a different way than the mainstream education system.  I know of people who are healing holistically.  I know of people who are busy trying to protect the environment and there are those who are taking part in peace vigils and in peaceful discussions and projects.  I really do admire those people and if any one of them reads this blog, “my thoughts are with you, please continue as your efforts do not go unnoticed and are really appreciated”.


Since mankind stopped it’s worship and treatment of the planet as sacred then we stopped seeing each other as sacred.  This has led us to use each other and to mis-use each other just as we are mis-using the planet.  We stopped appreciating the nurturing that the planet gives us and then forgot how to nurture the planet, ourselves and each other.  We begun to only serve ourselves and those closest to us and forgot that we are a community of mankind, that we are all one big, very big family.  


We are no longer in awe of the planet but instead think we can control her.  We also think we can control each other too.  We became a species of self-interest.


But we can change.  All those people who are, in their own small way, trying to change things are like little beacons of light in the darkness.  When we show them our appreciation for what they do, those beacons of light shine brighter.


We can ALL do things to help light beacons and make them shine brighter in the darkness that feels not too far away.  Even if you can only afford to give a smile to someone, then give it.  I can’t buy a ‘Big Issue’ from every homeless person I see, but I can certainly look them in the eye, smile and maybe have a little chat.  I can give a little bit to the food bank.  I can re-tweet something important.  I can sign a petition.  I can take part in a peace vigil.  I can include others in my meditations.  There are many different, small and large things that can be done to help keep those beacons being lit and get brighter.


We can also go out into nature and talk to the trees, stones and grass and show our appreciation for the planet and for her nurturing, her care for us.  Maybe build a little altar with some stones and leave some flowers on it in thanks for all that she does.  Let’s bring sacredness back to the Earth and to each other.


All is not lost, we can in some very small ways bring Lemuria back into everyone’s consciousness, the caring, the sharing, the gentleness, the peace.


To all those reading this who are beacons of light, thank you, thank you, thank you.


Until next month,  many blessings and much love.

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