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May 2021

Gratitude, Magic and Miracles

I know it has been really hard for us all lately.  Somehow the energy has been so sticky, with it being so hard to change anything, feeling new things in the air but being knocked back by new, unforeseen circumstances.


It feels so hard to remember that we are Divine, Sacred beings, creators of our own situations.  Who in their right mind would create today’s scenarios?


Some people think that it is quite a challenge to be grateful in these times and circumstances, but it is just these circumstances that can encourage our gratitude.  Whoever is reading this right now is alive!  We can still feel the warmth of the sun on our faces or feel the wetness of the rain.  We can see, smell, touch (most of us) all that is around us.  We can hear the wind in the trees or the sea lapping or thrashing against the beach or sea wall.  We can see our family and friends albeit online.  For some of us, we can’t be with them, can’t touch them, can’t give and receive hugs, but they are still there, they still love us as we love them.


Sometimes, when we look back through our day we can see maybe only one or two things that we might feel grateful for, but when we look more closely, we can see some of the little things that might have escaped our notice.

Gratitude is so very important at this time.  It keeps our spirits up and our hearts open and helps us appreciate what we have and who we are. 


Whilst out walking recently I came across a beautiful little white flower  I had never seen before.  I studied it just for it’s sheer beauty and the fact that it could surprise me by popping up and waving to me.  I felt my heart open just because it found me and I continued my walk feeling lighter.  Imagine my surprise when I turned a corner to find quite a large patch of these same flowers, I felt it was some kind of gift and felt my heart lift in gratitude.


Now don’t get me wrong, I also have a painful body sometimes, I have family and friends who are struggling for their very lives, I don’t think things are easy for any of us but I do feel that gratitude encourages the magic.  


Magic and miracles happen all around us all the time but we don’t often spot them or we take them for granted.  When we practice gratitude it becomes easier to spot the magical miracles. 


Believing in miracles helps us so much to maintain a higher frequency energy and keep our spirits up.  Everything on this planet is some form of miracle and it is only when we stop believing in the magic of miracles that begin to lose our enthusiasm for life.  When we believe in miracles they do happen and then they take us by surprise.


It doesn’t mean that when you believe in miracles, you are not facing up to ‘reality’, it just means that you are open for any outcome or that you have allowed the universe (Higher Selves, Spirits) to step in and handle the situation.  This is when miracles can happen and do.


Look for the small miracles in your life and be grateful for them - they will lead you to the bigger miracles.  Of course it is easier to believe in small miracles, but the big ones????


Gratitude, magic and miracles go hand in hand.  Gratitude makes us feel much more in a state of grace whilst magic keeps us aware and alive and miracles keep our hearts bubbling and our energy raised.


In these times, we need all the help we can get to keep ourselves in line with our heart’s truth and the truth about our very existence, so let’s open our hearts and our minds to some support and help from the invisible ones who can help us make the magic of miracles happen and support us when we feel miracle-less.


Let us also reach out to each other.  Let go our judgements of one another and reach out with open hearts.  This time is teaching us that we are not islands, we are a family, we are connected, we are part of this massive web of life, one huge community.   When we connect with open hearts, it doesn’t matter that we might not believe in the same things or be walking the same path, in heart space we are all beings whose very essence is LOVE and all is equal in this love.


Enjoy those miracles, Patricia

March/April 2021

Creating from the Heart

It’s hard to think of ourselves as creators. Yes, most of us are pretty creative, we do all sorts of creative things. I create gardens, friends of mine create wonderful paintings, prints, writing and poetry. But we don’t normally consider ourselves as ‘creators’.

The truth is that we are creating all the time. We can’t help but create, it is our very nature. We create the bus being late, we create the bad tempered doctor we’ve had to visit, just as we create someone’s beautiful smile or that telephone call from one of our children so full of love.

Truth is, there are no victims. I used to believe that everything happened to me and that I was a victim with no power and no control over what happened to me. It’s not surprising given my childhood traumas and treatment. However considering myself as a victim did not help me to heal as I felt so powerless.

What I was creating were the things that were keeping me a victim. My beliefs were creating the situations that would hold me in the belief that I was a victim. The more of a victim I believed myself to be the more disastrous the situations became. Of course I waited until I could no longer bear it and decided that if things didn’t change then I would take things in hand and leave this planet.

Having deciding that things had to change, they did. That is our power as creators. Gradually as I healed I began to believe different things about myself. Things like ‘I am not THAT bad after all’; ‘Maybe I could be happy’; ‘Maybe I do deserve love’. My beliefs began to change and funnily enough, so did my life. Looking back I can see how my life changed according to my beliefs changing.

If we want to create a world we truly want to live in we need to first of all take responsibility for our part in creating a world we don’t particular like a lot of the time. Everything that happens outside of us is a reflection of what is going on inside of us. We cannot complain of being judged when we judge ourselves and others all the time. We can ask for peace in the world but have a war raging inside of us. We can’t ask others to be nice to us if we are not nice to ourself and others.

To have the world as we would like, begins with us, we are creators and we need to create from our hearts. The more we heal and let go of our negative beliefs so we can create from that space in us that is both spirit and love. Just imagine what world we could create if we were healed.

Be mindful of your beliefs, they are the things that make you react in certain ways. Be honest with yourself and consider your actions and your feelings. If you feel someone has put you down in some way, then consider how that feels and what is the belief behind the feeling. Whatever negative beliefs you hold can be healed. Another great help is what you feel about others, because if you feel a certain way about another person, you are also to some extent feeling it about yourself too. These are clues that can lead you to healing them. See others as a mirror for what might be going on inside of you.

We are going to begin to create differently to what we have done in the past, that is the change that everyone seems to be talking about. We are unconscious creators at the moment, but as we heal, as we change our beliefs about ourselves then we start creating consciously straight from the heart, our Soul centre. This is the time and yes, we created this time for it too.

We are Divine beings and it is time we began to believe it so let’s heal all that stops our belief in our Truth, so that we become the beings we were born to be, the ones who changed the planet by our creations. We can’t do it unless we heal.

These are exciting times and times of great change and yes, it does bring up our fear sometimes, but what a great opportunity we then have to heal our fear and embrace the changes that first of all happen within ourselves and then get reflected out into the external world. It’s the very reason we chose to incarnate at this time.

So with loads of excitement I bid you deep healing, love and peace. I am so glad you are on this journey with me.


Much love, Patricia



February 2021

Surviving or Flourishing

I received advertising for  a couple of different online webinars.  One was called ‘Surviving These Times’ and other was called ‘Flourishing Through These Times’.  The one I was attracted to was the Flourishing one, it had a different, more uplifting energy about it - after all, I am surviving, we all are, but not too sure about flourishing.  It got me thinking though:  Why can’t we flourish in lock down?  Why can’t we flourish in this acute energy of fear that is around us and on our news every day?  


I thought about my garden.  All winter long my plants droop, some of them lose their leaves and some disappear altogether.  They put up with months of rain, killer frosts and freezing snow and yet come spring time they suddenly shudder off the winter, their leaves spring back to life or they grow new ones, green things begin to force themselves out of the cold, frozen, wet ground and stand tall and proud, in the end culminating with the most beautiful flowers and fragrances, standing in all their glory to provide for the bees and other insects and to provide immense pleasure to all who see or smell them.


There is nothing to stop us flourishing.  Okay we might not be getting out and about as we once did.  We might not be feeding ourselves with the same amount of culture, eating out and social events as we once did and it does sometimes feel as if we have been buried underground because some days it does feel dark, but there are many things we can do to help us flourish even in these times.


A friend sent me a book by Terry Pratchett which had me laughing out loud, we scan TV,  Radio, and online services for comedy,  I find when I am on the telephone with friends that we find many things to laugh about.  Laughter is so good for us, it raises our energy and releases chemicals in our body that brightens us, making us feel lighter.


I am lucky that I live by the sea, but I am sure that most people live nearby something that makes us breathe more easily and gives us a sense of peace - sometimes all it takes is a tree or a spot of greenery.


Some of us are taking this opportunity to do things we have never had the time to do before, for years I have always done cross stitch sewing whilst watching TV but now I am enjoying making greetings cards out of them and sticking little hearts and butterflies on the cards in a very artistic way that I never felt I could do before.


I am also attending free online webinars, look at YouTube films and talks and attend online concerts.  And of course I have much more time to meditate which I find such a joy.


Lastly, I am connecting more with my friends from all over the world, whether online, telephone or emails because now I have the time to do so and it is wonderful that we can connect in so many different ways - when I began travelling and working all over the world there weren’t the means to keep in contact as there is now - that’s showing my age!


And if I am feeling a bit stiff after days indoors waiting for the rain to stop, I am learning Qigong online which is such a great exercise for the whole body.


Yes some of us are experiencing difficulties, yes, some of us are grieving lost ones, yes some of us haven’t been able to hug our friends, children and grandchildren - but we can still flourish, we can still be the beautiful, light beings that we were born to be.  


Whatever makes your heart sing within the confines of a lock down.  Get out that special bath bomb you have been keeping for a special occasion and soak yourself in it, using maybe candles to light your bathroom with perhaps your favourite music playing softly in the background.  Treat yourself - you deserve it.


Maybe after all this is over, the world might go back so some sort of normality, but we don’t have too.  We can spend this time on nourishing ourselves and nourishing those around us - after all you know the saying, you must nourish to flourish.  We might not need compost as our plants and flowers do, just some good walks, music, meditation, smelly baths, good books and a bit of a laugh with friends or family.


Keep the inner light burning, our hearts open and smile a lot, even if no one can see your smile because you happen to be wearing a face mask - maybe wink instead.

Lots of love, Patricia

January 2021

Happy, Hopeful New Year

This might be a year of turbulence, suffering and death but somehow this year feels very different too.  It’s not just that we spent the new year in lock-down, but that I have been feeling that there is happening a massive shift in consciousness.  I feel a great change and, with it,  excitement.


So many like minded people are coming together who share the same vision, a vision of a planet filled with love, with mindful consciousness and compassion, wanting to make communities to strengthen and support each other.  With less judgement but more conscious discernment, with less finger pointing but more acceptance of each others differences.


This feeling of change which I think accompanies our slow entrance into the Aquarian age is being seen on the physical level now, with a new president in the USA, one who seems more compassionate and more caring, who is more outward looking in terms of the USA being part of the world rather than in isolation.  Last week Jeremy Corbyn and friends launched a huge worldwide project called ‘The Peace and Justice Project’ which I feel will make a difference in people’s lives sooner or later.  One of the issues they are dealing with is Environmental Justice which as some of you will know, is very close to my heart.


So I am very excited about this year and what it will eventually bring us.  Yes, we are all in lock-down, yes, there are new variants of the virus, yes things don’t look too good for the world’s economies.  We cannot ignore what is going on but when you look at these things with your heart - beyond what we get told on the news, look into the heart of the people on this planet and we can see, like a seed in the ground, the stirrings of new growth, new life amongst the old dead leaves, yes things are changing.


Of course those in power will want to keep control, massive manmade structures of money and power will not wish change, but try to stop that seed from sprouting, try to stop the waves in the sea.  Change is inevitable, and we, who chose to incarnate at this time are here to see that it happens and give a little push from time to time.


We do need to take care of ourselves at this time, with broken sleep patterns, headaches, aches and pains, and sometimes depression we need to take the time to see to our own needs.  Come together even if it’s online to share and support each other, create communities of support.  Keep up with whatever spiritual practice you do so that you can nurture yourself to be available to others.  This is a time for supporting, sharing and connecting but we can only do that if we ourselves feel strong enough.  


This is an amazing time to be here, so let’s make the most of it and be all that we were born to be.  Let’s make this year count. We are amazing beings, so let’s make this year amazingly beautiful.


Much love, Patricia



December 2020

Birthing the Aquarian Age

This Solstice (21st December) is like no other we have experienced in our lifetime.  Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct (next to each other).  The last time they were anywhere near close to each other at the Solstice time was around the time of Christ’s birth.  This heralded not only the birth of Christ but the birth of the new Piscean Age.


The Piscean age has always been about separation.  Spirit and Matter, Male and Female, Science and Intuition, Heart and Head.


This Solstice not only happens  at the time of this powerful conjunction but also has a grand cross in the sky at the same time.  (For more astrological information please see  What little I know about astrology, I do know that grand crosses are also incredibly powerful. 


We are now at the point of birthing the new Aquarian age.  The new age where there is more community awareness rather than individuality.  Where we are more likely to act from the heart whilst having the knowledge that the mind brings us.  Where there is much more acknowledgement of the positive aspects of the feminine rather than favouring only the masculine.


At means radical change.  Obviously those with vested interest in the Piscean attributes of power will try to cling to the systems and structures that support and enhance their power.

So many of us have been feeling that we are in a void and going  nowhere.  It’s like being in the middle of a swimming pool but you can’t see the sides so you don’t know in which direction to swim.  This is all very normal as we prepare to birth this new age.  We have been facing and letting go of many issues that no longer serve us, of negative beliefs which we might have lived with for a very long time and suddenly we feel fed up with it and want to leave behind.  We have been preparing for this new age to be born and much of the old cannot be taken into the new with us. 


We have been and are still in the process of looking for and exposing the truth.  As we continue to do this, old systems must crumble and fall.  There will be many scary moments, birthing is never easy, it’s mostly painful and scary, but remember that we have so much support.  As the stars, planets and the earths magnetic fields align, we can feel supported.  This is the Age we have all worked, sometimes over many years, to birth.  As a friend of mine Marcus Mason (Astrologer) says, “If we are alive at this time, it is because we agreed to be here to be the midwives of this new Age.” 


As this Age is born, we will need to nurture it, to care for it.  We can do this by working on the Earths energy lines (ley lines, dragon lines, song lines) but most of all we can work on ourselves.  Leaving behind what is no longer our truth.  Opening our hearts to others, being more aware of being part of a community, nurturing each other.  I am always amazed by people who work so hard for the earth but have very little time or tenderness for other human beings, as we are all divine spirit beings so we are also of this earth, part of her, her children.  Our body is Gaia’s gift to us, when we heal ourselves we heal our planet too.


I suggest that we try to enjoy the void.  So if you feel you are in the swimming pool and can’t see the sides, make it a thermal pool with luscious warm water.  Make it an open air pool so you can float and watch the stars at night, look out for that bright star which is Jupiter and Saturn, think about the three wise men who saw that same conjunction in the sky approximately two thousand years ago.  


This is the time we all being waiting for and preparing for, so expect the unexpected.  Try to keep your heart as open as possible and to be consciously aware of your thoughts and actions.


This is a magical time and maybe we all had to live through separation and isolation this year in order to prepare ourselves for this very special time.  


Let’s spare a few thoughts for humanity some time during Solstice on Monday 21st.  Let’s gather as many people as possible in our hearts to welcome them to this birthing.


Have a truly wonderful Solstice and Christmas time.  Let’s see what the new year brings and whether we are ready within ourselves to embrace it.


I end with this:  “I’m staying up on New Year’s Eve.  Not to welcome the new year in, but to make sure the old one leaves.” - Much love and  many virtual hugs, Patricia


November 2020


Time for Truth

It is amazing just how many different beliefs people have, from Trump being a hero to Trump being the worst thing that has happened to the world for a long, long time. To cabbage being good for you, to cabbage being a poison, to climate change is manmade to climate change being a natural phenomena. Of course our beliefs are important to us, it sometimes makes us feel important and sometimes helps us to feel that we are more knowledgeable than others.

I don’t think it really matters what you think is the truth, after all as a wise old woman once said “When I was young I knew everything and now that I am old, I know nothing”. I echo what that old wise woman said because I do believe that I know nothing. I don’t know who is right, I don’t know the truth of some of the claims that others make, I don’t know if I use a certain skin product that it will get rid of my wrinkles, I don’t know if face masks protect you from Covid or not, I don’t know and what’s more, it doesn’t bother me.

Of course we all have different experiences, different histories, different ancestors, different upbringing and education, so I can understand why we all have different beliefs. What is important though is firstly, seeking the Truth of those beliefs. With all the different beliefs abounding on this planet at the moment, the only place you will know the truth is in your own heart. All the answers are there. If I don’t ‘feel’ the skin product will do much for my wrinkles, I won’t buy it, if it ‘feel’s somehow ‘right’ then I will give something a try. The heart holds the truth because that is your Higher Selfs communication space. You won’t always hear words but you can ‘feel’ what is right.

Of course sometimes your Higher Self gives you an answer you can’t understand or doesn’t seem like the answer you were looking for. Don’t look for an answer, don’t try to make the answer fit in with what you already believe. Your Higher Self has a different perspective on your life, it focusses and holds the Truth of you being a Divine Sacred Being having a human experience, so it will not always tell you what skin products to use unless it is important to your experience here on this planet and/or to aid your wellbeing.

Secondly, is it also important how you share your beliefs. Do you share your beliefs with compassion? Do you share your beliefs with understanding for the others who might not share your point of view? Do you want/need everyone to believe the same as you just as the missionaries did? Is there room in your heart for those who might disagree with you or do their disagreements make you feel challenged.

This planet is so divided with everyone’s beliefs being more important and somehow more True than the others and this division is causing so much heartache with families, neighbours and friends fighting each other when they are not agreeing to the beliefs that other members might believe.

As the planet shifts into the new age, the age of Aquarius, let us shift into a new understanding of each other, a new shift into open heartedness, not just for our friends and those who agree with our point of view but for those who don’t agree with us too. What kind of planet do you want to live on - one where we are all divided and fighting each other or one where there is open hearted understanding of each other, where there is compassion and forgiveness.

We all are here to assist this enormous shift to a higher consciousness, something the ancient peoples have believed in and have been speaking about for centuries, we are here to awaken and to assist. But whatever we believe our job to be, let us do it with love, with care and compassion. We are not here to bomb each other with words, expounding our beliefs at every opportunity, is that really helping this shift?

We are all on this journey together, Divine Beings experiencing this total shift in consciousness on a planet shifting to a new frequency of energy. We incarnated at this time in order to assist at this time, let’s do it, but let’s do it together. There is so much division on this planet, at least let us friends, families, neighbours work together to build for ourselves a planet we want to live on, were meant to live on. Let’s keep our hearts open and our minds open so that we can at least understand what someone else is trying to convey to us.

This is not the time for fear, this is the time we get to appreciate these special times and to greet our challenges with joy, we are all in this together and I am so thankful for that.

Lots of love to you all, stay safe, courageous and loving - Patricia



October 2020

Be the Change


You know that saying by Mahatma Ghandi, ‘Be the Change you want to see in the World’.  This of course is easier said than done, although Ghandi taught by example, I wonder if we are teaching by example!


Firstly I think we have to think about how we want the world to be.  What do we want for our world.  I want a world where we feel we are in a community, where we are all pulling together for the sake of that community.  Where everyone in that community are treating each other with respect and compassion.  I realise that we don’t all believe in the same things, or in doing something the same way, but in my dream community, we have space for that.  We have patience with each other and there is no fundamentalism in my ideal community,  there is room for all beliefs.  In my community we treat each other as sacred beings, living a sacred life on a sacred planet.


To me what is important is the way we treat other members of our community.  It’s not what we are trying to achieve, but HOW we achieve it that is important.  Ghandi didn’t know what the outcome of his actions would be.  What he wanted to do was to live peace, be peace and hope that others would follow his example, but he didn’t go out to ‘make’ them follow his example.  This is the key.  He believed in peace and believed that peace could be such a powerful tool that he became peace, he personified peace.


In my community I want everyone to feel loved, to feel listened to, to feel part of a whole.  Therefore I must begin with myself.  I must be the love I want to have in my community.  I must listen to others and give them space.  I must be compassionate and not force my ideas onto others but teach by example.  The time for this now.  


As we move towards a new era and a new way of being we must decide what kind of world we wish to live in and then become what we want of others.  With all that is happening astrologically and prophetically, we have to change ourselves in order to bring about the changes we so have the opportunity of doing at this very special time.  


It is the time to realise that we are all in this together.  That we are community, our neighbours, our friends, our families, our countries, our planet.  It is no good treating my family as my community and then treat someone else who isn’t family badly.  Our whole world, our whole planet is our community.  What happens in another country impacts on us because we are a community, the family of man.


We are Divine, Sacred beings inhabiting a beautiful, divine planet.  We do not always see it that way and when we look around us, it is easy to forget that we are beings whose very essence is LOVE.  Now is the time to BE love, to live our lives as sacred, divine beings to recognise that we are all divine beings living as a community on this planet.  It is time to be the change we want to see on this planet.  It might not be easy, we might often forget, but we could at least keep trying.


Recognise that all on this planet are sacred beings, here at this time to make a difference.  If they are making a difference you do not like, then be the difference you do like.  Remember Ghandi when all around him thought he was on a loser, when the only answers at that time (and still are) was anger and to fight for what you wanted.  He showed there was another way and that is just what we are here to do - show there is another way, it is not the journey but how we walk it.


Whatever we believe, how are we getting our message across?  We can’t say I want peace and am prepared to fight for it.  We have to become that peace.  I want a world full of love and compassion, so guess how I need to walk my life, my journey.  Well, there is no better time than the NOW.  We have so much support to do this, even the planets are influencing this great change, it’s why we chose to incarnate at this time because we all wanted to be part of this great change for humanity and for our planet.


Let’s support each other and treat each other with love and understanding, compassion and patience, truly respecting others, listening and speaking through our hearts.  Well, it’s worth a try!


It’s all good fun, but in the end when we look back, how will we judge ourselves?


Take care dear community, Love Patricia