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June 2020

This was an article written by Marcus Mason - Astrologer.  You can read his article on


May 2020

What an amazing time we are living through. I asked for inspiration for this month’s Dragon’s Talk (I decided that while we are all in some form of lock down, although I prefer the term ‘Cocooning’, I would send out Dragon’s Talk monthly). I didn’t know the inspiration would come from David Icke.


If you’ve never heard of David Icke, he has been talking on all platforms about a conspiracy theory for many years now, he started off as a lone voice in the wilderness but now is not such a lone voice at all. I’m not going to talk about conspiracy theories or not conspiracy theories, but I do want to speak what I believe is the truth.


David was saying that if you can keep your heart open and keep a higher perspective on who you truly are, there is nothing to fear; remember you are a part of the infinite stream of consciousness.


I started writing this new Dragon’s Talk and thought of who to quote this month. As I was looking through my usual suspects, Rumi, John O’Donohue et al I was led directly to Jann Weiss’s book- Teaching the Monkey to Fly. I opened the book on what I have

quoted at the side in green. It ties in so neatly with what David Icke was saying and what so many of us have said over the years.

Now is the time to live that perspective. For so many of us, we’ve been given the time to make a stronger connection to that part of us that does have a higher perspective, a perspective that does not hold fear because it knows there is nothing to fear, we are all divine beings at play. If you can really take on that perspective, to look at the world and what is happening through the eyes of your Soul, make everything you say and everything you do come straight from the heart, from a space of divine love then there is no fear, not even the fear of death.


I don’t meant to belittle any of us grieving for a lost one at this time, I lost a dear friend this past month although not to Covid-19. Grief is the pain of loss and it is very human to grieve and it takes whatever time it takes for us to recover from that loss, whether weeks, months or years.

But this is a magical time to really get to know that Divine part of ourselves, to practice opening our hearts, to practice looking at all we come across through different eyes. A great practice for me is watching the news. My partner sits with me complaining that the BBC are not giving out the truth, that they are dumbing down the news while I do my best to see the game through the eyes of my Soul. I must admit I fail most of the time, but if I am seeing it as a game or as practice, then that alone is a step in the right direction.


This is the time to open to the truth of who we are. Not victims, but amazingly powerful, beautiful, Divine beings of love and light.

I want to finish with a quote from my friend Jennifer Hart:


“As we are attempting to find our way through the shifting ground of truth, half truths, lies, fear, and contradictory realities I am trying to focus on the reality I would like us to be moving into.

I don’t deny that there may well be many dark and hidden agendas, but I choose not to put my attention there - for where we focus our mind, fears and emotions we increase the likelihood of creating that reality. I do see what is going on out there, but I am really trying not to put my energy there (though this is difficult at times, indeed).

Sitting here in my house right now the only positive thing I CAN do is to hold Light and Love in my heart, try to remain grounded, and send that out, envisioning a world where love is the prime mover and all that follows from that.”


Keep practising. Much love, Patricia



APRIL 2020

Phew, I thought I’d never get this Dragon’s Talk written.  I have been so caught up in the fear and anxiety of this pandemic that is sweeping across the planet. 


Many people have asked me to ‘tune in’ and see what it is all about, but of course, when you are holding fear, it is very difficult to ‘tune in’ in integrity.  I then heard someone say, somewhere - fear is not your enemy and that helped me to see beyond the fear, if you like - to see through it.

Knowing that for me catching the virus could be fatal with my age and my underlying health conditions the fear was up big time. I even came down with similar symptoms. I went through a ‘dark night of the Soul’ one night and realised why I was so fearful. I didn’t want to die. I had so much to live for, I am so lucky and held and supported. God, Goddess, the Universe WAS ON MY SIDE.


I was then not afraid to die. Whatever happened to me would be on purpose, would happen because of love, would be the most loving thing that could happen because I was held and supported and yes, loved. Living, I was loved - dead, I was loved. It is very hard to really grasp the concept that ais love.


I also realised that in my last Dragon’s Talk I was saying about how busy I was and never had time to do the things I really wanted to do. Well guess what - I said this was a magical year, I just didn’t realise in what form that magic was going to present itself. Of course I am not playing down the seriousness of this pandemic and the pain, fear, confusion, in fact - terror that it is causing, but I now have all the time in the world to do the things I want to do, as all my community commitments have been cancelled.


It has also given me time to heart search and spend time with myself, to see my inner needs and my outer behaviour. To be more mindful and more aware of the ways in which I am not so loving and not so aware of the needs of others. It is giving me time to really focus on who I am.

I think this is a magical opportunity for all of us to create a different relationship with our fears, to become more open and truthful with ourselves and with others. It is strange to think that most of us have to self isolate and yet it is a time for reaching out to each other, to remind each other that we are loved, to make bridges and paths to each other. To hold each other in love even when we cannot physically hold each other in love.

I have had some fantastic phone calls, messenger messages and emails from people I haven’t been in touch with sometimes for years and it is a joy, an absolute joy to walk those bridges into the arms of another.


The only thing I know about this pandemic is that nature is always trying to adjust and bring back the balance. We humans have thrown nature into such an imbalance that she is trying to re-address this in whatever way she can.

For us it is a lesson everyone on this planet has to learn, nature is about balance and we are part of nature, we are not somehow different or above nature, we are not aliens (although we sometimes feel that we are), we are part of this planet and have to hold that balance within us and within everything that we do.


Remember all is love, remember to bring in the balance into yourself and your life and remember to build the bridges to others which will bring joy into their lives. You are part of this planet, you are loved, when you share that love you remind others that they are loved. What a glorious opportunity to spread that love.


Be well, be the love, be your glorious self


Wishing you all a wonderful New Year and a very creative and fruitful 2020.

I was a little disappointed as very few people contacted me with regard to contributing or advertising or sharing, so this edition is just me.

I know everyone is so busy.  We seem to spend our lives doing some very unnecessary things which feel very necessary at the time.  I sometimes spend the whole morning on my computer but if I had to say what I had done for the morning, I couldn’t tell you apart from answering a few emails.  I stopped going on to Facebook because I wanted more time to spend on what…….!


The things I really enjoy doing normally get put to the bottom of the pile and I intend to do them when the work is done, only the work never gets done.  There is always more.


I know some people are amazing at doing what they truly want to do but I am not one of those.  I intend to be and will put it in my job list of things to do.


I am afraid that my days of work, work, working are coming to an end.  The reason is because, as I said in the last edition, we are coming into a time of magic.  The energy is changing.  No matter what is looks like on the news or hearing other people talk, the magic is beginning to evolve into form.


We are going through a very magical piece of space where everything is getting shaken up so that only the very precious of stones can come to the top.  Only the most important things to do will present themselves.  

When meditating the other day I felt as though my heart was splitting in two and out of these two halves a phoenix type bird tried to fly, to soar into the heavens, only it’s feet were stuck into the mud of my work ethic and as much as it flapped its wings, it was going nowhere.


Being presented with this image and feeling it too, I began to question what I am doing in my day to day life and why.  

In this very magical time we will not be able to hold on to our old way of doing things, our old stuff.  This magical time is making us stop, take stock and start the changes that need to happen in order that we may live magical lives.


I am working on not being attached.  Not being attached to doing things to please others or prove myself.  Not being attached to the outcome of all the hard work I do.  Not being attached to whether it is important or not whether I do something or not.  This is a big one for me, but I am working on it.


There is a need for us all to be free, free of the chains we put around ourselves.  How can our hearts sing if we keep them chained up, imprisoned with our own beliefs, blocks and work ethics.


In this time of magic, we must allow the magic to happen.  To change us.  To change us at a deep level.  To help us to trust that we will be provided for no matter what our hearts lead us to do.  Let the magic happen.


Let me know how you get on, we might even be able to share experiences and helpful tips.  Let our hearts rule - OK


Patricia xx




I really do feel that we are entering a time of absolute magic.  I can’t prove it, I just feel deep in my bones that we are coming into a time and place in space where magic becomes the norm.  

We seem to have gone through such a tough time (some of us are still there), a time where we seemed to struggle just to survive.  Where we seemed to have lost so much.  I feel this was a time of burning away what was no longer necessary in our lives in order to find the gold underneath.  A real transformation of what was/is important to us and what we could/should let go of.  Most of this struggle has been internal.  Trying to find a place where we belong, where we fit within ourselves.  So many of us have had to change how we describe ourselves.  We’ve had to carry massive amounts of compassion, not just for others but for ourselves too.

I feel it’s all up for change.  We’ve worked so hard.  Even when we’ve felt we were too busy to work on ourselves because we had to earn a living, or we’ve had loved ones to look after, or we’ve had so many others things we’ve felt we had to get done, we have been, at the same time working on our deeper issues, values and beliefs.  Sometimes there has been flack when uncovered anger has risen, sometimes we’ve been so fed up that we’ve hit out at another.  Sometimes we’ve even lost that which we didn’t mean to lose.  But despite it all, it is time for change. 

The energy that surrounds this planet is supporting, even urging the change. Those invisible beings that have supported us and the planet are also holding the energy for this change to happen. We just need to stay grounded, to keep up the practices that supports us whether that is meditation, yoga, tree hugging, walking in nature, drinking tea with our friends or playing with our children/grandchildren, we mustn’t forget that we need to support ourselves until the struggle ceases and the magic manifests itself in our third dimensional realities.

I am sure you have stories of magic that is or has happened to you, well, send them in so that others still in struggle may take heart.  We are not completely out of the woods yet, we do need to support ourselves and each other whenever we can.

Be true to yourself.  Not to your anger or indignation or fear but to your heart.  Try to keep it open no matter what temptation there may be to close it.  The magic comes from love.  Love is the key to less struggle, more joy, more peace.  

Please enjoy yourselves.  In the face of all struggle, there is always love.




Hi everyone


Oh boy what a few weeks (months even years) it has been!  I feel as if the world has been turned upside down and that none of the planets are where they are supposed to be.  It is wonderful, terrifying, beautiful and challenging.


For someone like me who is an empath, it has been truly turbulent and I’ve even had to hide my head in the sand at times as it has felt so overwhelming.  At times my body just crashed and I have had to cancel my trip to South Africa as I felt a long journey was not appropriate for my health at the moment.  On the other hand I am so enjoying life, loving working on my garden, learning to play the piano and meeting up with friends and sharing times with my family.


It is very hard at times to stay grounded, the planets seem to be pulling at us and trying to get us to somehow ‘float’ above it all.  I find the best way to stay grounded is to keep feeling the body.  Keeping the focus in the body is great because a) you are aware of how your body and emotions are coping or not with things and b) you never jump at a car backfiring or any surprise noise. 


Sometimes it is good to call on assistance when you are feeling overwhelmed or over emotioned.  Whether you call upon the angels, the Goddess, God, your own Soul Self, your dragon, tree spirit or whatever else, you are making it clear to your mind and body that you intend to change the situation you feel yourself in right now.  As you know, setting an intention is half the battle and with an intention set, you find yourself relaxing and viewing the situation with different eyes.  This helps then with the answers that we need to change the situation.  We are already feeling better about it, and the answers do come if, by then they are still needed.


Some people say to me that they wait a few days before reacting to something, this is very wise when things can be put on hold for a few days.  What is hard is when something happens there and then and you cannot respond how you would like to.  For instance, when you go to the doctor, you may have made a list of what to ask the doctor but it all goes out of your mind when you are there and being bombarded with what you should and shouldn’t do because of your condition.  Staying in the body helps to stay grounded and mindful of what you are wanting out of any given situation.


Let us be inbodied, be in our hearts and allow everything that we truly are through and into our daily life.  We are more than we remember we are.  We are Divine beings on a magnificent divine planet in a truly wondrous divine solar system, part of an incredible, awe-inspiring universe.  We have so much help at hand.  Set an intention and it is half done already because the rest could be done for us without us even knowing how it happened.  After all we are the creators.


If it’s hard, ask your Soul Self to help you to remember who you truly are.  Your Soul Self will help you, honestly, the universe (including God/Soul) is not working against you, it is working with you, supporting you and bringing you everything you need for your journey to the truth of who you are.


These blogs (I hope) are an aid to remembering.  We are truly magnificent, let’s make an intention to live that magnificence.


With love - Patricia


P.S.  Many people have asked me to get back to sending out Dragon’s Talk again.  I’d love to if I felt that is what you would prefer.  Only this time I want you to be part of it.  If I send out a regular newsletter, how about you sending in your tips, news, little poems you have written or found that will help the rest of us remember.  We are a community and some of us have been in contact over many, many years now, let’s share what we know with each other through the medium of Dragon’s Talk.  Let me know if this is what you would like.










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