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This page includes 6 of Patricia's most recent blogs.  If you wish copies of previous blogs, please contact Patricia


March 2022

What is more Crazy?

My goodness, what craziness we are witnessing on this planet today. Family and friends not talking to each other over differences of opinion about the Covid situation and vaccination; Russia’s behaviour with Ukraine; the Yemen; Afghanistan, the list is endless. We are confronted on all sides with what seems to be complete craziness.

It can sometimes be very difficult to keep sane in these situations. For all these situations create an energy that sucks people into that very same craziness. Many of you have contacted me about feeling this crazy energy and that it is bringing up your own fear.

How can we keep sane at times like these? How can we keep our hearts open and not get pulled into the mayhem or deal with any fear the energies are bringing up for us.

Some of us choose to stick our heads in the sand and hope that it will all go away by the time we take our heads out again. Some people vehemently refuse to look at the news, preferring to keep their energy unsullied - but is it the answer? Is this what we are here to do?

Sometimes we don’t even realise that we are in fear. We need to be more conscious now than we have ever been. We need to constantly question our thoughts, our reactions to others and to what is being said and our own actions. We might blame others for the wars in the world, but what wars are going on inside of us? For so many of us, the war is going on with our own self.

Ego or our mind tells us many things, but are those things correct, are they the truth? We might think that because we live in a physical, material world that our thoughts have to fit in with that world, but is there another world, another way of thinking?

A dear friend of mine gave me this book for my birthday: ‘Engoldenment’ by Andrew Harvey. It is a year of poems by Kabir one of India’s greatest mystics and poets. It is a constant source of inspiration.

Here is a poem that is so inspiring for these times:
‘Nearly everyone’s drowning in Maya’s sea of dark fire.

Can’t you hear the screams? Can’t you smell the smoke?

Kabir says: Beyond good and evil Beyond joy or misery,
The Light you are
Is as it always was

And always will be’

The Light you are. How crazy is it to believe that you are the Light in all this darkness? How crazy is it to believe that you might be Divine, Sacred? How crazy is it to believe that you might be here right now, at this precise time to maybe, make a difference?

What would happen if more and more of us started to believe in this ‘other’ craziness, the craziness of spirit? What would the world look like then?

If the whole human race believed that we were all connected, all one family and that each of us held the Light and that each of us was a Divine Temple of that Sacred Light, that we were all part of the Supreme Universal Consciousness - God, the Source, the Creator, Goddess, Supreme Being, what would the world look like then?

It would, of course, be much easier to keep our hearts open and to treat each other with compassion and understanding instead of always having to be right.

We would appreciate each other and the gifts that each beautiful human being has to offer.

I believe that each one of us is here to change things. I believe in that craziness that says we are all Divine Beings, here to make a difference. We don’t always know what difference we make. Sometimes we just have a chat in the supermarket to someone and we don’t see that maybe we’ve made a difference to their day, or even their life.

Let’s go crazy - crazily in love and light. Let’s encourage others to go this crazy way. Let’s start a worldwide movement to change the craziness of fear to the craziness of love. Let’s start with our neighbours, friends and family. If we’ve had a falling out over a difference of opinion, then it would be really crazy to apologies for our

part in it, be really crazy to forgive and show love, especially if they don’t wish to respond in like manner. Totally crazy, but then what

kind of craziness will bring us more joy, more love and more peace in the end?

Much crazy love - Patricia

January 2022

New Year Thoughts

New Year is normally the time when we all start making our New Year resolutions. For most of us, they don’t last long and slip into obscurity until the next new year.

Our resolutions are normally something that we want to let go of or begin. They are either something which doesn’t please us to hold on to or there is something in us that wants to change and use the new year as a starting point towards that change.

I’m not changing the subject, but everything in nature grows towards the light. From the darkest places there is always this push towards the light and once it finds the light, it unfurls and shows itself in all its beauty.

We are also nature and feel this yearning in our hearts to grow towards the light, to be the light, to unfurl and show our beauty. New year resolutions are part of that pull towards the light. When there is something in our life we want to change, it is because we want to be better, we want to embrace our true self, to improve ourselves.

Some of us didn’t get the nurturing as children that would have helped us to bloom, nurturing is like growing in good soil. But natures urge to grow towards the light, means that everyone, no matter how they were nurtured or not, has the urge inside of themselves to grow, whether they choose to ignore it or embrace it.

When you choose your resolutions, be mindful of why you are choosing them. What is the purpose of the particular resolution you have decided upon? Don’t worry if the only resolution you can think of is to go on a diet, remember that losing weight might be good for your health as well as good for your self esteem. Offer your resolution up to spirit so that it is for the highest good. This makes it somehow more binding and will help you keep to it. It is sometimes a good idea to set a time scale on your resolution, you can always extend the timescale or renew the resolution once you have completed your first chosen timescale.

Another thing to remember is that you don’t have to wait for the new year to set these resolutions. They can be created at any time. Maybe you discover that something is not good for you or there is something in your life you want to let go of because it makes it harder for you to grow, or you want to take on something that will be for your highest good or will make you feel better about yourself, then set the intention, the resolution to change it. Offer up the resolution to the highest good - whatever that is for you.

This year I decided on (and this was weeks ago), two resolutions. One was to meditate for half an hour every day, I had always wanted to do this but any resolution I made for doing it never lasted long, offering it up for my highest good has helped me stick to it for weeks now. The other was to learn to play the piano, again it was something I had started a couple of years ago but when Covid arrived I stopped having lessons and practicing. Again, offering it up has made it much more important for me to continue with it, oh the joy when I learn to play a piece of music that actually sounds like it is supposed to.

Anything we do to help us grow towards the light, to be the people we were born to be is part of our growth. We have to grow, it is in our very nature. Let’s keep growing and blossoming and appreciating our beauty and the beauty around us.

Wishing you all a most amazingly magical 2022. Patricia

November 2021

The Path to Home

So many of us feel we don’t quite belong on this planet - well the planet is okay, it’s all the other humans that inhabit it. I have met some people who feel they have been stranded on this planet for lifetimes and always long for that place deep in their hearts that they can call home.

I do know how they feel. I have moved house so many times in my desire to find ‘home’. Every country that I ever visited I felt I could stay there and make a home for myself. I have always felt closely connected to the earth and in fact have for some time now been channelling Gaia, the consciousness of Planet Earth - however, deep within myself I never felt that I was truly home.

Some of us feel that we are some sort of ‘off planet’ Being whose ‘job’ is to live on this particular planet and assist in her journey to another dimension - to bring the planet home. So what does it all mean? Where is home?

For a start, we are all human beings who chose to incarnate onto this planet at this most important time in her journey. Some of us have had many lifetimes on this planet and I do believe that some of us have had experiences of other dimensions and other realms, other existences. So indeed, this planet might not be our original home but, we must remember that we are all snails - yes, as snails carry their home on their backs, we carry our homes in our hearts.

In practicing keeping my heart open in any situation, in practicing living in gratitude and contentment I have arrived home AND I didn’t have the expense of moving house either. I’ve come to realise what so many of you may already realise that home is in our heart and we carry it around within us.

The heart is also our spirit centre. Now spirit always feels at home, because to our spirit/soul there is no separation - home is always right in the here and now. Spirit never left the oneness, the all-ness, never left the love. If we manage to live more from the heart then we are living from that place where there is no other place to be than right in the here and now. Since learning this, my contentment has grown stronger and there is less anxiety, fear, disappointment.

Follow your Breath into your heart centre, be more aware of your heart centre, listen to your heart centre, talk to your heart centre. This is home.

As you become more conscious of your heart centre you become more conscious of your own actions and you will find yourself asking yourself - ‘Was what I have just said/ done from a heart space or not’? If you have any questions, even including life changing questions, ask your heart. Your spirit/soul knows your life purpose, knows why you decided to incarnate at this time and is happy to answer your questions especially if you are willing to act on the answers.

Be aware of the difference between a heart answer and an ego answer. A heart answer always comes with a feeling of peace, almost like it’s already done and you’ve only got to pluck it out of the air. An ego answer is always very busy and begins planning, sometimes before the actual answer is given. Spend a little time practising and see what happens. If you want to compare notes, we can print some of them in January’s Dragon’s Talk.

Love, Patricia

September 2021

The Power of Love

I know this is the title of my talk for Thursday 23rd, (see back page for more details) but I couldn’t think of anything else that was more important right now.

I realised how difficult it is to keep our hearts open when there seems to be so much going on around the world that seems devoid of love and compassion. I also realised that as we get caught up in the wrangling, the arguments, the different points of view, stand points and stand offs that our hearts begin to close and when they close they close to our own self love too.

We begin to blame ourselves for not knowing better, for getting caught up in the arguments, for thinking badly about the other person, or the governments, or big businesses. We sometimes feel ourselves to be powerless to help or powerless to change the situation.

If we find ourselves blaming or feeling powerless or angry with the situation that is being presented to us or in our own personal situations, we must remember to take a little bit of time out to get ourselves back into our hearts again.

We only need to focus on our heart centres which is the most powerful part of our body. Our anger, feelings of powerlessness, guilt and fear can dissipate once our focus is back in our hearts. If we follow our breath into our hearts we can feel the calmness, the peace that our heart offers us. We will then find that we begin having loving thoughts, compassion for others and understanding of where they may be coming from.

Whilst we are in that place, spare a thought for yourself, have compassion for yourself, understanding of where you are coming from too, forgive yourself for anything you may be feeling guilty about. Send loving thoughts from your heart to your mind as well as to the rest of your body.

When we include our hearts then the energy changes and we begin to see things differently. We might still not like what might be going on but somehow, from our heart space we don’t feel so powerless and sometimes we get different ideas on how to deal with the situation, and look after ourself in the situation too.

Our hearts are all wise, connected to our spirit self, connected to the universe, to the source, our heart centre is that space within us where we can connect to all wisdom, love and compassion.

We can change the energy on this planet through using our hearts, taking all negative thoughts, words and deeds into the heart for transformation. This is how powerful we are, this is what we are here to do. We won’t take on the negatives, we will transform them through our hearts.

With this thought in mind, just remember any negative thoughts you might have about yourself can also be transformed in this way too, allowing more compassion and love for yourself.

Be in love with yourself, with your life, with your planet.

From my heart to yours - Patricia

July 2021

Staying in heart space

More than ever before we need to stay in heart space. That is living, speaking and acting through our heart centre. Being conscious of that space as much of our time as we can.

So much of what we witness leaves us cold and sometimes afraid. So much of what is happening on our planet today seems to come out of hate, separation, anger and fear. There are so many reminders on our planet right now of the lack of love, compassion and hope.

This is the dark times that we have been warned about for years now. This is the time, if you like - the dark night of the planetary soul.

Yet, this was what we incarnated into. This is the very reason we chose to live in a human body again. We chose to shine the light, or anchor it in, we chose to be the rock that others could rely on, we chose to be the love that would seem to be so lacking at this time.

It’s not always easy. We have had our own share of trauma, suffering, sadness and grief, and yet behind all our own suffering we can feel deep inside that this isn’t IT, there is more, that there is more to do, more to be.

Sometimes we get lost in our grief and pain. Sometimes our lives are so stressful that we forget who we truly are, forget the ways of 

reminding ourselves. I guess this is what I try to do in these monthly Dragon’s Talks. In reminding you I remind myself.

Even in these times when we feel so much that we are in the minority, when we feel that those around us don’t understand us. We must try to remember the power of love. In our heart space everyone is equal, there is no right or wrong - only love.

When someone annoys us or we think they are wrong, spending a little time just breathing into our heart space we find our annoyance or anger doesn’t mean anything, and being right all the time doesn’t mean anything either. Discussing the rights and wrongs is head space stuff aka Ego, whereas spending time in heart space learning to love, to forgive to understand where another is coming from is aka Divine Self space.

Hearts unite us all. I think this practice is a good one to try - if there is someone you are not getting on with, or you don’t like very much or you find yourself very judgemental about them, breath into your heart space and when you feel more relaxed, think of that person but try to do it from the space of your heart. I can guarantee that you will feel better about that person and yourself too because as we judge others, we are also judging ourself too.

I would love to live on a planet where we all live from heart space, making space for others, connecting to others, feeling the peace and love that we know is ours deep inside. Well the buck stops here. If I don’t make the effort how can I expect others to. If I don’t open my heart to myself and to others then how can I expect to live on a planet that is full of love.

People on the whole have forgotten that they are Divine, that they have an eternal Soul Self that lives within their heart, that their heart is big enough to take in everyone, the good, the bad and the ugly. That there is peace in their heart and a sense of belonging. Just think how it must feel if you think that what you see is all there is, then I am sure it would feel quite hopeless. We are the reminders. We are the ones who can show understanding, compassion and even direction.

I tell many people to breath into that place in the middle of their chest, to maybe have a little meditation where their focus is on that same place. It’s an easy instruction and I find so many people are happy to try it even people who are not consciously feeling that they are spiritual or on a spiritual path. We are ALL Divine, all connected.

Talk about connection - every Thursday at 6.30pm BST people take fifteen minutes out to meditate, to connect with others across the world and hold the planet and each other in love. The other Thursday I forgot. I was getting ready to go out and was so focussed on getting out on time that I completely forgot. Suddenly I felt such a feeling of peace descend upon me that my panic about getting out on time disappeared. I happened to look at the clock, it was 6.40pm BST. Thank you to all those who did connect, it really did help me. I won’t forget next time.

From my heart space - Patricia


June 2021

Who do you think you are?

You want the Truth? O.K. You are a Divine, Sacred, eternal being experiencing all that planet Earth has to offer whilst inhabiting a human form - there!

Some of you will say, yes, that is true - others will say I cannot believe that. Even those who say it is true, do they really actually believe it down to their toes? Our minds like the concept but the body’s belief is far different, the body experiences pain, fear, doubt, loss, grief and more pain.

It’s like we have two different computer programmes running. One is Soul’s programme and the other is our body’s programme. Our mind then makes up the stories from bodies responses. It’s not always easy to hear the Soul programme over the noise in our heads and the fixation on seeing all that is happening around us and with busying ourselves. We have to make time out of our busyness to listen to Soul.

Our body’s computer programme says that we are weak and small (for the first time in my life this year I considered myself as vulnerable - well everyone kept telling me because I was in ‘that vulnerable age group.’ Our body’s programme tells us that we are not good enough or that we always get it wrong or that we cannot change the things we feel we need to change. This is how different our Soul’s computer programme is - You are beautiful, you are a powerful being, there is nothing on this planet that can defeat you. You are supported, you have all the help you need. You can do it - YES!

What happens when we look at ourselves through the eyes of our Divine part, or Soul, or we look at our life through those divine eyes? What do we see? For a start we look with more love, we look with an open heart. I thought while writing this that I would practice what I preach. Outside my window was a family who were getting out of their car, the children were over excited, after all they were going to the beach, the parents were stressed. One of the children almost got thrown into a pushchair while the other one’s arm was grabbed and pulled behind the parent. Once I looked at them through the eyes of my Soul, within my heart, I could see the strain of the parents and my heart opened to them and took them in. They walked quite calmly on towards the sea, whether my taking them into my heart calmed them I don’t know, but I knew, just knew, that they would have a lovely day and come back to their car refreshed. I thought this was good practice for me, rather than judge, just let them all into my heart. I then spent the rest of my time whilst writing this just holding the people passing or parking in my heart, seeing them with my Soul’s eyes. I’m surprised this Dragon’s Talk got written at all.

We are amazing beings. Only a part of us dies - our body, we continue through eternity, either incarnating or just messing about in the universe somewhere or maybe just being one with everything. We incarnate onto this planet in order that we can experience all that ‘matter’ can give us in terms of experience. The problem is that we start to believe that this is all we are - matter. It’s like actors on stage in a play, believing that their roles are real, that the script is real and that they are caught up in the drama.

I am not belittling anyone’s drama for, of course we all have drama, of course we hurt, we experience heart ache, loss and grief, we worry about paying the rent or keeping our job. All I am suggesting is that we sometimes look at our life through the eyes of Soul, so that we keep our dramas’ in perspective and sometimes even get answers that our mind had not thought of before.

Our whole existence is a miracle. Our body is a miracle, a gift from planet Earth and our Soul is that part of us that can smooth the path of our life, bringing colour, music, joy and peace into our lives.

Let’s begin to remember that we are more than we see through our physical eyes. That we are Spirit in human form, here to live our human lives but with Spirit’s input. We are not alone, how can we be when we not only belong to the family of mankind but to the wholeness of the universe, part of all creation, a huge, huge Soul bubble.

I know I am only reminding you. For most of us, our human brains can’t compute so we need reminders from time to time. Let’s celebrate who we are and let’s fill ourselves with gratitude for this wonderful planet who offers so many experiences for us all.

In love, Patricia






















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