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Transformational Healing Facilitator

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Patricia Angove has worked for nearly thirty years as a transformational healing facilitator; channel and inspirational teacher.  She works in many different countries giving talks, workshops and private one to one sessions.

Patricia works very closely with the earth, assisting people in deepening their connection to Gaia, the consciousness of our planet.  Her work is very soul based, enhancing soul connections within groups and on an individual basis.

In 1999 Patricia founded an organisation called 'New Gaia Network'  and has continued with this network supporting people through planetary shifts in energy.  She is editor of its newsletter called 'Dragon's Talk' which is a monthly blog (you can subscribe to the mailing list below to receive notifications of new posts).  She also founded  'The School of Transformational Healing'. More details of this on the Transformational Healing page.

Patricia cares deeply about the planet and about the people who inhabit planet Earth.  She supports the belief that we are all connected, all one family.  She firmly believes that we are all Divine, spiritual beings and that the Earth is a Divine Being too.

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