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November 2023 - Dragon's Talk blog - The Shambhala Warrior Prophecy


A friend sent me this and at just the right time. I was getting myself worn down by the suffering in the world. Being an empath as I am sure other empaths will understand, it is so difficult to watch the suffering that is going on all over this planet at the moment. Most empaths then try to hide from it all, don’t watch the news, stay away from social media. I was about to do that too when I received this prophecy. It not only gave me hope but helped me to feel less hopeless and helpless. I hope it does the same for you.

“This prophecy was explained to Joanna Macy by Drugu Choegyal Rinpoche some years ago - ‘The Shambhala Warrior Prophecy’.

Joanna Macy shares this twelve centuries old Shambhala Warrior Prophecy from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, which some predict will come true in our time. She invites you to listen to it as if it were about you….

There comes a time when all life on Earth is in danger. At that time great powers have arisen, barbarian powers, and although they waste their wealth in preparations to annihilate each other, they have much in common. Among the things these barbarians have in common are weapons of unfathomable devastation and death and technologies that lay waste to the world. And it is just at this point in our history, when the future of all beings seems to hang by the frailest of threads, that the kingdom of Shambhala emerges. Now, you can’t go there because it is not a place. It exists in the hearts and minds of the Shambhala warriors….

Now the time is coming when great courage is required of the Shambhala warriors: moral courage and physical courage, and that’s because they are going to go right into the heart of the barbarian powers to dismantle their weapons. They are going to go into the pits and citadels where the weapons are made and deployed. They are going to go into the corridors of power where the decisions are made, to dismantle the weapons in every sense of the word. The Shambhala warriors know that these weapons can be dismantled because they are made by the human mind. They can be unmade by the human mind. The dangers that face us are not brought upon us by some satanic deity, or some evil extraterrestrial force or some unchangeable preordained fate. They arise out of our relationships and habits, out of our priorities. They are made by the human mind; they can be unmade by the human mind.

Now is the time the Shambhala warriors go into training. They train in the use of two implements. One is compassion and the other is insight into the radical interdependence of all phenomena. You need both. You need the compassion because that provides the fuel to move you out where you need to be to do what you need to do. That means not being afraid of the suffering of your world. When you’re not afraid to be with that pain, then nothing can stop you. You can be and do what you’re meant to.

But by itself that implement is very hot – it can burn you out. So you need that other tool – you need the insight into the radical interconnectivity at the heart of existence, the web of life, our deep ecology. When you have that, then you know that this is not a battle between good guys and bad guys. You know that the line between good and evil runs through the landscape of every human heart. And you know that we are so interwoven in the web of life that even the smallest act, with clear intention, has repercussions through the whole web beyond your capacity to see. But that’s a little cool; maybe even a little abstract. You need the heat of the compassion – the interplay between compassion and wisdom.”

I have a feeling that the prophecy originally did not end there, but I think the main point is here. When you think about just how old this prophecy is, and now is the time!

Much love, Patricia

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John Gibson
John Gibson
Nov 19, 2023

How poignant.. Right at the time when the largest religio-political entity on the face of the earth is completely run amuck with it's ego driven war machine and the heartless, soulless, spineless Plebs keep empowering it and their own demise with their compliance and blind Apathy.. It is very true of Spirit that we grow and prosper through adversity and right thought and action!! I have always shunned their coercion and deceitful olive branches to try and buy compliance through dark psychology and manipulation. I think right now the world is awakening because of the sickness of the military and pharma industrial complexes and an unstoppable force for good is manifesting on every continent. I hope and pr…


Great ! Thanks for sharing 😊 I love the language here . . . interdependence . . . interconnectivity . . . our deep ecology. WE experience all of these when we meditate together for global peace and love. WE experience life thru this lens of truth when we simply be pr walk pit and attune to Nature, to living Gaia. Always words of hope help. Trying to keep this frequency while walking out amongst the capitalist world. Honouring Life. Showing love and compassion. A minute by minute challenge. We do know really that we came here for the challenge don’t we?! I am profoundly grateful for this network and this sharing. Blessings x

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